Wesley Laga Net Worth: How Rich is Courtney Roker’s Husband?

Wesley Laga is an actor, director, teacher, and teaching artist from the United States of America. He is most known for marrying Courtney Rooker, the daughter of Al Rooker, a well-known media figure. Wesley married Courtney Rooker on June 4 at New Jersey’s The Ashford Estate. The current Wesley Laga Net Worth is unknown.

Full Name Wesley Laga
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place United States
Profession DJ, MC, Actor, Director
Wife Courtney Rooker
Net Worth Under Review

Early life & Career

Wesley Laga is an American actor who was born in New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New Since his true date of birth has yet to be confirmed, he seems to be in his 30s. The majority of his previous life, parents, and schooling are still unknown.

According to his Instagram page, Wesley works as a bartender. He is also employed by Excel Entertainment as a DJ/MC. On Mixcloud, he has really made some of his own dance tracks. It’s a showcase for up-and-coming DJs from New York and New Jersey who are skilled at mixing and live remixing house and dance music.

Laga demonstrated his DJ skills three months ago by releasing top 40 remixes to Mixcloud, as well as a mix of houses and huge rooms. “Happy Birthday Emma!!,” “EDM & Party Anthems,” and “Clean/EDM Bangers & Top 40 Remixes” are some of his other DJs’ tunes that have won him attention.

Wesley has also said that he is an actor, director, educator, and teaching artist. However, none of his employment experiences, which he indicated, have been revealed to us. He’s either working on his ideal project or waiting for the appropriate opportunity to share his professional expertise.

Wesley Laga Personal Life

Wesley Laga is most known for dating Courtney Rooker. Al Rooker, a well-known journalist, has a daughter named Courtney. In March of this year, Wesley was first seen on Courtney’s Instagram. It’s safe to assume they began dating in 2019. Courtney announced her engagement to Wesley on Instagram in April 2020, after a year of dating. She also praised Wesley for being her lifelong companion in crime in the Instagram post.

On June 4, Wesley and Courtney married, cementing their relationship. The Ashford Estate in New Jersey hosted their wedding. Courtney also posted photos from her wedding ceremony, in which she and her husband looked absolutely lovely. Wesley, dressed in a black suit, and Courtney, dressed in a lovely white gown, made an excellent pair.

Wesley also danced with Courtney, who said, “And I have admitted my husband’s dancing skills ain’t too terrible.” After marrying Wesley, Courtney seemed to be happier. “I celebrate my love for my spouse and feel the affection from everyone,” she said in the description of her Instagram image. “My heart is bursting to the seams with pleasure and happiness.” Chefman employs Courtney as a recipe creator.

Wesley Laga Net Worth

As a DJ, Wesley Laga must make a good living. His actual net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed. His wife, Courtney Rooker, is projected to have a net worth of roughly $750 thousand, while his father-in-law, Al Rooker, is thought to have a net worth of $60 million.

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