Washington Ho Net Worth: How Rich is Binh Ho’s Son Actually?

Binh and Hue Ho, a multi-millionaire Vietnamese-American couple, have a son named Washington Ho. He is the Ho family’s heir apparent, and he will soon take over Ho’s corporate empire. Washington Ho is predicted to have a net worth of $250 million as of 2022.

Washington is the proprietor of VoltStreet Energy Advisors and Moody Rambin’s Vice President. Following an appearance on HBO’s reality show “House of Ho,” Washington’s family gained notoriety.

Full Name Washington Ho
Birth Date N/A
Age 38
Birth Place Vietnam
Profession Multi-millionaire
Wife Lesley
Net Worth $250 million (estimated)


Early life and Family

Binh Ho and Hue Ho, Washington’s parents, were Vietnamese immigrants. In 1975, his parents came to America from Vietnam. They experienced a lot of troubles in the beginning. They were previously based in Houston, Texas, where they worked and lived. The city of Washington is named after George Washington, the first president of the United States. Judy and Reagan are his two older sisters. They are all now living in luxury.

Hue is now 66 years old, while Binh is 71. The couple may soon hand over control of their firm to Washington since they are becoming older. Washington’s persona is that of a hedonist. He’s usually seen hosting parties and having a good time.

Washington, on the other hand, decided in November 2019 to stop consuming alcohol. The choice was made for his family, he explained. He wants to establish himself as the finest Washington Ho, one who is unlike anybody other. Washington has stated that he wants to inspire his children to be self-reliant in their adult lives.

Washington Ho Net Worth and Makes Money

At the moment, Washington is only involved in a few companies. According to his linked account, he works for the real estate firm “Moody Rambin” as a senior vice president. Ho also runs Voltstreet Energy Advisors, a business that provides energy consultancy and management. He also works at Southwestern National Bank as an advisor and founding shareholder.

Washington announced his father Binh’s impending retirement from investing and banking responsibilities in the trailer for the hit show House of Ho. As a result, there is widespread anticipation that Washington will take over Ho’s family firm.

Washington is preparing to take over his father’s company. His parents have come a long way to build a multimillion-dollar company. Washington’s parents will leave him a multibillion-dollar bank and a real estate firm.

Washington Ho’s Wife: Lesley Ho

Washington Ho is a husband and father of three children. In 2015, he married Lesley, his long-term partner. The couple’s 5th wedding anniversary was a few months ago, on October 24. On Instagram, Lesley posted a snapshot of her and her husband’s wedding anniversary.

With his wife, Lesley, Washington has two children. Roosevelt, his first child, is four years old, and Lincoln, his second child, is three. He has named his children after former US President George H.W. Bush, just like his father.

Washington Ho Net Worth

Washington Ho, a multibillionaire businessman, has yet to reveal his net worth. Ho’s family, on the other hand, is estimated to have a total net worth of $3.1 million. In the next years, Washington will almost certainly contribute to that total, allowing Ho’s firm to grow even more. Washington Ho’s net worth is estimated to be between $230 and $280 million, according to our calculations.

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