Tsu Surf Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2022?

Tsu Surf is an accomplished battle rapper from the United States. His rap battle performances in SMACK/URL tournaments are his most well-known accomplishments. Tsu’s mixtapes “Tsue Me,” “Garden Grillz,” and “Newark” are among his most popular. Tsu Surf has an estimated net worth of $900,000 as of 2022.

Full Name Rahjon Cox
Birth Date January 15, 1990
Birth Place Newark, New Jersey, U. S.
Profession Battle Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $900 thousand

Early life

Rahjon Cox, sometimes known as Tsu Surf, was born in Newark, New Jersey, on January 15, 1990. His early life, parents, and schooling are all unknown. He was raised on Jadakiss and Jay-Z’s music. These artists influenced Surf, and he chose to pursue a career as a rapper.

He used to be quite interested in freestyle rapping. He began participating in battle rap leagues as he progressed in age. He’s participated in a number of SMACK/URL competitions. Hollow da Don was his most well-known rap battle opponent. In June 2013, at SMACK/URL: N. O. M. E. 3, he fought Hollow.

Tsu Surf Net Worth and Career

People began to notice him after he began doing rap battles. In the same year, he released “Want I,” a song in which he collaborated with NBA player Kevin Durant. For numerous years, he competed as a battle rapper. He stopped competing in rap battles in 2019 and concentrated on his music releases.

Before the year 2019, Tsu has already released a few mixtapes. “Tsu Me,” a mixtape he published in 2013, was one of his early releases. In 2015, he also released “Garden Grillz,” another mixtape. He released his second mixtape, “Newark,” the following year. He established himself as a legitimate hip-hop artist thanks to the three mixtapes.

“Seven25,” his first album, was released in January 2019. Music fans responded enthusiastically to the record. Indeed, the album reached number two on iTunes and number 29 on Billboard.

Thereafter, Surf joined up with rapper Mozzy to make “Blood Cuzzins,” an album. Don Q, Teejay3k, DCMBR, Baby Face Gunna, Derez Deshon, Stacy Barthe, C Glizzy, and FS Kell are among the rappers who appear on the album, which has 14 tracks in total.

Surf will release his next album, “MSYKM,” on June 10, 2020. Quarantine Tales was the most popular track on the album. On YouTube, the song’s official video has surpassed one million views.

Tsu is still a part of the SMACK/URL events, although no longer as a battle rapper. As a presenter and commentator for battles, he is well-known. Surf is currently working on new music, including a mixtape and an album. In the year 2021, he might release new music projects.

Tsu Surf Personal Life

At the time, Tsu Surf is potentially single. Despite the fact that there is no concrete proof of his marriage, In the past, Tsu has been involved in a few debates. He was apprehended and imprisoned in 2017. According to reports, he was detained for marijuana possession and unlawful magazine clip possession.

He was shot five times in his automobile on July 25, 2018, according to police. Newark, New Jersey, was the site of the event. To properly recuperate, he had to undergo more surgery.

Tsu Surf Net Worth

Tsu Surf’s net worth is to be $900,000 as of 2022. His rap battle career and music CD sales have netted him a substantial fortune. Tsu also has a YouTube account with 63.3K followers, which he named after himself. He’s got to be making a lot of money from YouTube.

Tsu Surf News

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