Tay K Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2022?

Tay K is an American rapper and songwriter born Taymor Travon Mcintyre. He also established his reputation with the song “The Race,” which reaches number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States before he was convicted of murder. Tay K net worth in 2022 is about $250,000.

Full Name                         Taymor Travon Mcintyre
Birth Date June 16, 2000
Birth Place Long Beach, California
Profession Rapper and Songwriter
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $250,000

Early Life

Tay K was born and raised in Compton, California, where his father was a member of the Baby Insane Crips gang. He had to see his father imprisoned as he grew up. Tay K attended Martin High School before moving on to Young Junior High. He was strongly influenced by Chief Keef and Soulja Boy when he just starts out as a rapper.

Tay K Net Worth and Career

In 2014, Tay K joined the group Daytona Boyz, which also comprised Pimpyz and Santana Sage. Drift, a Soundcloud track, was one of their first. They began to release more tracks as time went on, and they became well-known in the local underground rap scene. They’d also take part in other performances and parties.

In 2015, he released BIFF XANNEN, his first single, and after receiving excellent reception, he followed up with Megaman, his second single. However, this was also the period during which he began to have legal issues and detains many times. His popularity, though, began to rise about this period.

Tay K has a number of tracks under his belt, but the single The Race has been his most successful. The happenings that surrounding Tay K at the time drew a lot of attention to this song. He launches these songs on the run from the cops for his crimes, and the song finally uploads on Youtube the same day.

Personal Life

Tay K has been a part of a number of high-profile crimes. Because of his role in a 2016 invasion and robbery, he would be convicted guilty of murder in 2019. Tay K was sentenced to 55 years in jail for killing a 21-year-old guy named Ethan Walker.

Mark Anthony Saldivar’s murder was also brought against him. He had already been accused in 2016 of the death of a University of North Texas student called Sara Mutschlechner.

Tay K Net Worth

Tay K’s net worth is to be at $250,000. as of 2022. His $600,000 record agreement with 88 Classic and RCA Records is a deal to have a payoff. He has to pay a lot of penalties and costs in the litigation that followed after he charges with murder.

Tay K News

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