Stassi Schroeder Net Worth: How Rich is the Vanderpump Rules Star?

Nastassia Stassi Schroeder is an American television personality, entrepreneur, and author who goes by the moniker, Bianca Schroeder Clark. She is best known for being a cast member on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, a hit reality television show. Stassi Schroeder has a net worth of $2.5 million as of 2022.

Full Name                                                          Nastassia Bianca Schroeder Clark 
Birth Date June 24, 1988
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana
Profession Television Personality, Entrepreneur, and Author
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $2.5 million

Early Life

His father was an architect, and his mother was a jewelry designer, so Stassi grew up in New Orleans. She went to Mount Carmel Academy and took theater classes there as well.

She moved to Hollywood after turning 18 to attend Loyola Marymount University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in English writing.

Stassi Schroeder Net Worth and Career

Stassi had previously appeared with her entire family on The Amazing Race, which was in its eighth season, before becoming famous with Vanderpump Rules. She also appeared in Queen Bees, a television show.

Stassi began working in Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sexy Unique Restaurant, in 2010. Lisa had gained notoriety as a result of her appearance on the hit television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she had put her money into this restaurant.

Because of her enormous popularity, a spinoff show called Vanderpump Rules was created, which focused on the lives of those who worked at the restaurant, including Stassi. This is how she got involved with the show and its never-ending drama.

She left the show in the third season and returned as an event planner in the fifth season. She appeared in the film Sharknado: The 4th Awakens after her success on the show. She’s also appeared in the TV show Summer House and the digital series Basically Stassi.

Stassi Schroeder Fame

Stassi has worked as a model for a number of well-known publications, including Glamour and Vanity Fair, due to her stunning appearance. Her social media following has also resulted in a number of brand collaborations with fashion and beauty companies.

She has wine with Nocking Point Wines that she launched. Stassi has also produced a number of podcasts, including Straight Up with Stassi, which was one of the first she launched. She and her husband also host The Good, the Bad, and the Baby, a parenting podcast.

Stassi is a published author, having written Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook. However, one of the low points in her career and life occurred when she was fired from Vanderpump Rules after it was revealed that she and another coworker, Kristen, had called the cops on one of the employees for a crime that she had not committed.

Personal Life

After dating for two years, Stassi became engaged to Beau Clark in 2019. In 2020, they married and have a daughter named Hartford Charlie Rose together. Beau Clark is an actor who has starred in films such as Dark Wolf and The Revenant.

Stassi Schroeder Net Worth

Stassi Schroeder’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million by the year 2022. During the filming of Vanderpump Rules, she was reportedly paid $25,000 per episode, which accounts for a significant portion of her net worth. Despite the fact that this was not her starting salary, she received a pay increase as the series grew in popularity.

Stassi Schroeder News

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