Silvio Scaglia Net Worth: How Rich is Julia Haart’s Husband Actually?

Silvio Scaglia is a successful businessman in Italy. Fastweb, an Italian telecommunications firm, was founded by him. Silvio and his wife, Julia Haart, also run Elite World Group, the world’s first Talent Media firm. Silvio Scaglia has a net worth of $1 billion as of 2022.

Full Name Silvio Scaglia
Birth Date October 14, 1958
Birth Place Lucerne, Switzerland
Profession Entrepreneur
Wife Julia Haart
Net Worth $1 billion

Early life

Silvio Scaglia was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, on the 14th of October, 1958. His early years and parents are mostly unknown. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, graduating in 1983.

After graduating, he went to work for Alenia Aeronautica, an Italian aerospace business. He worked there for a brief period on the Tethered satellite project. In collaboration with Martin Marietta and NASA, the project was completed. At Andersen Consulting, he worked as a programmer. He worked for the consulting firm for three years as a project manager.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth & Career

Silvio Scaglia began working with Aeritalia Spazio in 1983 after receiving his Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy. After that, he worked for three years as a programmer and project manager before becoming a consultant and eventually a manager at McKinsey & Company. Silvio then spent a few years at Bain & Company and four years at Piaggio before joining Omnitel as CEO as a Senior Vice President. He oversaw the telecom start-up for four years, until 1999 when they were granted a license.

Silvio realized the need for expansion in the IT field at this period and founded e. Biscom, which now owns multiple companies, including Fastweb. His objective with the latter as founder and chairman was to build a fully integrated communications network, which he accomplished. He was selected to Time Magazine’s “Most Influential Innovators in New Technology” list in 2003 as a result of this. Silvio departed this company in 2007, only to start Babelgum, an interactive television platform that went bankrupt in 2012.

In the meanwhile, Silvio bought model management agency Elite World Group in 2010 and subsequently became chairman of La Perla, a well-known luxury apparel business. He met creative director Julia Haart while working at the latter, and the two eventually fell in love. Silvio encouraged his wife to pursue the coveted CEO post at Elite World Group, which they now co-own, after seeing her work ethic and desire. As if that weren’t enough, the Italian entrepreneur also serves on the board of directors of Yewno Inc., a company that employs artificial intelligence to provide complete information.

Silvio Scaglia Personal Life

Julia Haart, the CEO of Elite World Group, and Scaglia engage. Julia and Silvio met when Julia was working on her own shoe line. After she signed a collaboration agreement with La Perla, he joined her on the job.

On Netflix, he released “My Unorthodox Life,” a nine-part reality documentary series centered on his wife Julia Haart. Julia’s former background and her battle with the unorthodox Jewish community have been the major subject of the documentary series. Silvio and Julia’s relationship is also one of the documentary series’ most intriguing elements.

Silvio Scaglia Net Worth

By 2022, Silvio Scaglia will have amassed a net worth of around $1 billion. Through his engagement in several business endeavors, he has been able to create enormous wealth. Silvio has also invested heavily in Yewno, a discovery platform, as well as SHS A. M., a quantitative asset management firm.

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