Sal Magluta Net Worth: How Rich is the Drug Lord Actually?

Salvador Magluta, also known as Sal Magluta, is a former drug lord from Cuba who, with his accomplice Willie Falcon, used to run one of the largest cocaine smuggling networks in the world, with assets totaling more than $2 billion in cash at one point. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami, a documentary series about their true tale, has been released. Sal Magluta’s net worth is still unknown and is being investigated.

Full Name Salvador Magluta
Birth Date November 5, 1954
Birth Place Cuba
Profession Former Drug Lord
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

Sal was raised in Cuba, where Willie Falcon was one of his closest pals. When they were in high school, the two became quite close and began to deal with narcotics. They even agreed to drop out of high school together, following which they began selling cocaine and marijuana even more actively.

Sal Magluta Net Worth and Career

Sal and Falcon worked well together, with one focusing on bringing in new customers and the other closing agreements. As their network grew and they established a reputation as suppliers of narcotics like cocaine and marijuana, they began to make larger transactions, with one of their first triumphs being the sale of 30 kilograms of cocaine to a buddy called Jorge Valdes.

Sal and Magluta were charged in April 1991 for narcotics trafficking, which involved the importation of more than 75 tons of cocaine. What’s even more astounding is that they were found not guilty after a multi-year trial due to the bribes they paid to insiders and the prominent individuals in their circle.

Magluta faces a nine-year term for bail jumping in 1997. Because of the additional charges against him, he was finally sentenced to 205 years in federal prison.

Personal Life

Sal Magluta is well-known for his marriage to Marilyn Bonachea. Marilyn was just 15 years old when Sal met her. Sal ultimately persuaded her to date him, despite her initial reluctance. After Marilyn discovered that Sal was seeing other women, the relationship deteriorated.

Marilyn would assist in capturing Magluta later in their life, despite the fact that they had a solid friendship following their separation. She had previously assisted Sal in tracking his payments when he was on trial.

Marilyn was apprehended during the process and faced a sentence of 200 years in jail, so she consented to furnish the proof required for Magluta’s arrest.

Sal Magluta Net Worth

The net worth of Sal Magluta is presently unknown. They possessed more than $2 billion in cash and enjoyed a luxury lifestyle at the zenith of their cocaine smuggling enterprise. However, his net worth has dropped dramatically as a result of his incarceration and asset freeze.

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