Robert Flaxman Net Worth: How Rich was the Businessman?

Robert Flaxman is a American property developer. In addition to founding the company, he served as its CEO. Along with Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, Flaxman was accused of the Varsity Blues college admissions scam. In the vicinity of $15 million was Robert Flaxman’s net worth at the time of his passing. Following his admission that he had paid William “Rick” singer $75,000 to manipulate his daughter’s ACT exam, Flaxman was given a $50,000 fine and prison time of one month. On October 20, Robert shot himself in the head at home.

Full Name Robert Flaxman
Birthday 1956/66 years
Birthplace Los Angeles
Profession Real estate developer
Ex-wife Laurie Henderson
Net Worth $15 million

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Early Life

In 1956 in Los Angeles, Robert Flaxman was born. His upbringing, parents, and schooling are all poorly known. At chiropractic school in the early 1980s, Robert supposedly graduated first in his class. He used to sell water softeners as a side job while he was in school, earning an additional $8,000 every week.

Robert Flaxman Net Worth & Career

He had previously overseen a sizable mall. After some time, he started to show greater interest in real estate. He spent a lot of time working in the real estate field. Robert established Crown Realty and Development Inc. in Phoenix, where he served as CEO. The $1.5 billion mixed-use City North project in North Phoenix is apparently being built by Flaxman’s business. A hotel, restaurant, office building, and countless apartments are all planned for the project. Robert appears to have devoted a significant amount of time to work on real estate developments through his business. More information about his professional background is still being found, though.

Robert Flaxman’s admission scandal

53 people were accused of paying Rick Singer, the brains behind the scam to get their kids into elite schools, money. Robert was one of them. His son’s admission to the University of San Diego in 2016 cost him $250,000 initially, according to the charges. Then, to raise his daughter’s ACT scores, he spent an extra $75,000. The University of San Francisco revealed that his daughter received her diploma this year.Flaxman was only sentenced to one month in jail and entered a guilty plea to the allegation concerning his daughter. He reportedly acknowledged conspiring with William “Rick” Singer to have his daughter’s ACT exam graded by a proctor. He started by securing extra time for his daughter’s ACT during the process. Later, he participated in a petition through one of Rick’s proctors to move the exam to a testing location in Houston.

According to reports, a co-conspirator assisted Robert’s daughter and Rick’s other client in taking the ACT. According to the reports, Harvard alumni Mark Riddell helped his daughter and other pupils with their test preparation. In order to avoid being discovered cheating, Mark also told the pupils to answer some questions incorrectly. His daughter’s enrollment in her current program was stopped for a semester as a result of the admissions issue. Later, the FBI learned that he had also paid a consultant for admissions a sum equal to $250,000 to forge his son’s application materials in order to get admission to the University of San Diego. His plea bargain with the prosecutors did not, however, include these accusations. After the test plan, Flaxman made it clear that he wasn’t after social standing or a desire for his daughter to attend an exclusive or top school.

Personal Life

Laurie Henderson was Robert Flaxman’s first wife. They were married at the age of 21 after meeting in college. After a few years, they parted ways, although they were close friends for a while. In the meanwhile, Robert also had a second marriage and two children.

Henderson, his first wife, stated that he used to party and consume a lot of alcohol. At his homes in Beverly Hills, Flaxman was known for hosting glitzy events. He also had a Playboy bunny girlfriend at the time.Henderson said that Robert had proposed to her after she had divorced her second husband. She rebuffed his offer, letting him know that she wasn’t in love with him. He reportedly got married for the third time in less than two years following his incarceration. According to reports, Robert wed a woman in May 2021 with whom he had a small boy. On October 20, Flaxman was discovered hanging at his home in Malibu. According to accounts, he had a history of depression. His residence contained no message that was discovered. The matter has currently been concluded by the coroners.

Robert Flaxman Net Worth

Before he passed away on October 20th, Robert Flaxman had a net worth of around $15 million. He had lately sold off multiple multi-million dollar residences, including a pair of $7.7 million homes in Malibu and $38 million Beverly Hills mansions. He controlled a $600 million real estate company.

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