Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth: How Rich is the Poker Player Actually?

Robbi Jade Lew is an famous poker  Poker Player from America. On Thursday night’s Hustler Casino Live broadcast, she defeated Garrett Adelstein in an all-in-hand pot. Adelstein then alleged that Robbie had cheated throughout the game. Robbi Jade Lew net worth as of 2022 is about $1 million.

Full Name Robbi Jade Lew
Birthday/Age 1987/35 years
Birthplace United States
Profession Poker Player
Relationship Status Unknown
Net Worth $1 million

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Early Life

In the United States of America, Robbi Jade Lew was born in 1987. Regarding her parents, childhood, and academic background, little information is accessible. She has participated in the Hustler Casino Live competition twice.

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth & Career

At the California Hustler Casino, open round-the-clock, Robbi played poker with professional Garrett Adelstein. Robbi’s sudden decision to go all-in during the Livestream game, despite having a relatively weak hand, stunned Adelstein and silenced him. Adelstein made Lew play all in with her $130,000 hand. Adelstein was shocked to see her on a Jack high after she revealed her cards. She eventually prevailed in the game and received the entire $269,000 prize.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Lew began to play poker more frequently. She formerly had a high position at Bayer, a pharmaceutical business. Garrett Adelstein, on the other hand, has been playing poker professionally for more than 10 years. For his boldness and huge bets, Adelstein is well known. He is regarded as the finest at real-time no-limit hold’em cash games.

Cheating Accusation

During the casino’s Livestream game on Thursday night, Robbie clearly outperformed Adelstein. While Adelstein had the 7 and 8 of clubs, she held the Jack-four offsite. The turn and river cards were 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, and 9 of clubs, giving Adelstein an open-ended straight flush draw. Adelstein had an almost 70% probability of winning the hand because Lew had nothing at that point. Adelstein would have easily prevailed had he used any club, including the jack or six.

Robbie unexpectedly made a $2,500 wager in response to Adelstein. Things started to change at that point when the third heart was carried by the fourth street, which was of little assistance to either of them. Adelstein then placed a $10,000 initial wager and received a double-up wager from Lew. Garrett then bet the entire $129,000 on the game. He was still 53% likely to win the game at that point. However, Lew was only holding a jack-high when she abruptly called the bet when she was holding nothing else.

Robbi eventually won the hand with jack high and four kickers. Following the incident, Adelstein charged Lew with fraud. Lew answered with a giggle and stated, “You seem like you want to murder me,” when Garrett was seen giving her a death gaze during the Livestream. Adelstein has been spotted in the past praising an opponent for making a heroic call. In contrast, he shot Lew a death gaze. That was reportedly Garrett’s most unsettling-looking expression, according to the webcast announcer.
Lew clarified that she believed Adelstein had an ace-high, which would have been superior to hers. Lew stated after the game that she believed Adelstein was placing such huge bets despite the fact that he lacked s-t. She then returned all hands to Adelstein following a brief private discussion between Lew and him. Lew questioned her decision and she said that she had asked Adelstein what would make him happy. By returning his money, he responded in response. Lew went on to say that she would get her money back and that she would not put up with any nonsense.

Personal Life


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By Robbi Jade The details of Lew’s romantic life and current romantic situation are still private. Mostly because of her contentious game with Garrett Adelstein, she has been in the spotlight. Adelstein continued to accuse her of utilizing a vibrating gadget that would alert you when you had the greatest hand after the game, which she denied. Adelstein has blocked her, according to a tweet that Lew published, proving Adelstein’s claim to be true. Robbi tweeted that Adelstein had threatened and trapped her. She also discussed the incident in which he gave her a death gaze while it was being recorded and she was compelled to speak to him in a dim corridor after being taken out of the game.

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth

The personal fortune of Robbi Jade Lew is anticipated to reach about $1 million by 2022. In her two appearances at Hustler Casino games, she allegedly earned slightly over $100,000 in wins. The Hustler Casino stated that neither player will be invited to play the game until a full investigation of the contentious Livestream match versus Garrett Adelstein was completed.

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