Rapper Tigoose Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Age, Real Name & Career

Tigoose was the stage name of Christopher Ozuna, an American rapper. Last Friday, June 4, 2021, he died in a horrific vehicle accident close to Liberty City. The albums “Stay Afloat” and “Stay Afloat, Vol 2” are Tigoose’s first two offerings. The rapper Tigoose net worth is now under review.

Full Name Christopher Ozuna
Birth Place Miami, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Not Available
Net Worth Under Review

Early life and Career

In Miami, Florida, Tigoose was given the name Christopher Ozuna. Gustavo “Goose” Ozuna is the name of his father. His early life and educational background are not well covered. But it appears that he has always been drawn to rapping. Just two studio albums had been issued by Tigoose. On September 7, 2019, his debut album, “Stay Afloat,” was made available. Eight tracks are on the CD. On August 25, 2020, he also published his second album, which was given the name “Stay Afloat, Vol. 2”. Twelve tracks are on the CD. Under the management of the record company Only The Camp Records, he released both of his albums.

Tigoose has yet to become well-known as a rapper. However, his two albums have helped him become rather well-known. Live performances by Tigoose were once held. He was scheduled to play a handful of his songs during a rap event on May 30 at El Mula Banquet Hall. Later, it was reported that 20 people had been hurt and 3 had died from gunshot wounds inside the music venue. He didn’t sustain any wounds from the gunshot, though.

Rapper Tigoose Fame

He passed away in a violent vehicle collision five days later. The event happened on June 4 close to Liberty City. His automobile totaled in the collision, and it laters consumed by flames. After the accident, Tigoose little resembled the original character.

On Northwest 79th Street at 10th Avenue, Tigoose was operating an Infiniti G37 vehicle when it collided with oncoming traffic. The two vehicles he was driving collided. He kills in the collision together with another passenger named Jeremiah Rollins. His vehicle collided with a second vehicle, which caught fire. An expectant mother and six kids were in the car. They quickly transferred to the Ryder Trauma Center following the crash. According to the family, three cars involves in the event, who also mentioned a third vehicle. Similar to how they saw a third automobile leaving the scene, the cited security film likewise showed this. The Miami-Dade police agency hasn’t yet provided any further information on the vehicle accident occurrence.

Personal Life

Tigoose the rapper was dating an unidentified woman. He has requested that the name of his girlfriend remain a secret from the relevant authority. She is incredibly saddened about the death of her boyfriend, who confessed that Tigoose attempting to earn a living as a rapper and going to succeed. The ages of Tigoose two young kids, who are reported to be 6 and 3, are also disclosed.

Rapper Tigoose Net Worth

Rapper Tigoose had not yet established himself as a known rapper. If he had still been alive, he undoubtedly would have fulfilled his aim of being a well-known musician. The gifted rapper is no longer with us, though. Although the precise amount of Tigoose net worth has not known, his music career must have brought in a sizable sum of money.

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