Ppcocaine Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2022?

Ppcocaine is a 20-year-old American rapper and songwriter whose stage name is Lilliane Catherine Diomi. She is most known for her TikTok-famous tracks “PJ,” “3 Musketeers,” and “DDLG.” Ppcocaine has a net worth of $900,000 as of 2022.

Full Name                                   Lilliane Catherine Diomi
Birth Date June 1, 2001
Birth Place Panorama City, California, U. S.
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $900 thousand

Early life

Lilliane Catherine Diomi, also known as Ppcocaine, is born on June 1, 2001, in Panorama City, California. Her parents were a black African father and a white mother. Ppcocaine has spent the majority of her childhood in the city, Santa Clarita, and the rugged valley. Her grandparents and parents assisted her in raising her. Ppcocaine said that she and her father, Bernard Diomi, who worked as a manager at multiple taco bells, had an on-again, off-again relationship.

Ppcocaine disliked going to school when he was a kid. She, on the other hand, does not like being at home, which motivates her to go to school. She had attended the school, which had a majority of white kids. Because she is a black woman, several of her friends used to make fun of her.

Ppcocaine Net Worth & Career

Golden Valley High School was where Ppcocaine finished her secondary studies. She used to enroll herself in dancing courses when she was still in high school. She worked as a dancer in an L.A. Strip club after graduating from high school. Later, under the nickname trapbunniebubbles, she decided to upload her rap songs to TikTok, a video-sharing website.

A clip of her song “PJ,” which went viral on TikTok, helped her gain tremendous fame. The song, which was published in June 2020, quickly became popular on various platforms. She released her first single, “DDLG,” in the same month. The song was well-received, and it helped her earn further fame.

She shared a clip from her unreleased track “For That Cash” in July 2020. On TikTok, it was adopted as a lesbian anthem. She then followed up with “3 Musketeers,” a collaboration with rapper NextYoungin. The song was a huge smash in the United States, and it was even featured in the top chart songs. On the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100, it reached numbers 22 and 76 on the Irish Singles Chart.

Ppcocaine Personal Life

Ppcocaine has come out as a homosexual woman. In the year 2020, she had three girlfriends, all of whom had cheated on her or had jumped her. We didn’t know who she had dated since we didn’t have their names. Next Youngin, a rapper who claimed to be a lesbian, was also supposed to be dating her. In August 2020, she has said that Youngin would be her best buddy.

Ppcocaine Net Worth

By the year 2022, Ppcocaine will have amassed a net worth of $900,000. Ppcocaine inc, her YouTube channel, has 552K followers. She must make a significant amount of money from YouTube in addition to TikTok.

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