Peter Marco Net Worth: How Rich is Peter Marco Actually?

Peter Marco is a well-known jewelry designer from the United States of America. Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills, his jewelry boutique, is his business. His boutique features the best assortment of diamond jewelry, colored diamonds, and stones. For their significant events, a number of well-known celebrities have selected his business. Peter Marco has a net worth of around $200 million as of 2021.

Full Name Peter Marco
Birth Date 1962
Birth Place United States
Profession Jewelry Designer
Wife Esmerel Voutsas
Net Worth $200 million


Early life

Peter Marco was born in the year 1962 in the United States. About his parentage and academic background, little is known. We discovered, however, that he completed his education by attending night classes. During the day, he was at a jewelry factory undergoing training.

Peter Marco Net Worth & Career

Peter got his first job as a cleaner for New York jeweler’s offices and jewelry laboratory when he was just 14 years old. He was enthralled by the magnificent diamonds and gemstones he saw while working there. Peter worked hard and was promoted from cleaner to messenger boy as a result of his hard work. He had the opportunity to observe the jewelers as they developed new designs while he was there.

Peter became a jeweler in less than nine months. Peter began his career by cleaning diamonds and placing them in handmade jewelry. He was promoted to the production department after three years at a jewelry firm. He was able to gather information about diamonds and colorful stones while working in production. Peter had been promoted to a salesman by the time he finished school.

As a salesperson, Peter was responsible for delivering all final products. Working as a salesman took him four years. He gained a broad understanding of the jewelry industry and market as a result of this. In Asia, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Cayman Islands, he has sold out of jewelry.

He relocated to Los Angeles after several years of job experience. In 2008, he founded a shop in Beverly Hills called Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels. In the celebrity sphere, Peter’s diamond is famous.

Many artists and actors have purchased his diamond jewelry and given it to their loved ones as gifts. Max Ehrich, a well-known artist, proposed to Demi Lovato in July 2020. He presented her with an exquisite diamond ring designed by Peter Marco.

Peter Marco Personal Life

Esmerelda Voutsas is Peter Marco’s wife. His wife Esmerel and he have two boys. In Los Angeles, Peter is currently enjoying time with his family.

Peter sued Migos and Rich the Kid a couple of years ago. He took Rich the Kid to court in 2017 because he was not paying a $235,000 debt for expensive jewelry. In May of 2020, he filed a claim against the rapper. , he sued Migos musician in December 2019, alleging that he owed him $47,000 from a buy made in October 2018.

Peter Marco Net Worth

From his jewelry business, Peter Marco has amassed a sizable fortune. Peter’s net worth is expected to reach about $200 million by the year 2021. He is now one of the world’s wealthiest jewelry designers, thanks to his immense fortune.

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