Paulina Ben Cohen Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Bio, Career & More

Paulina Ben Cohen is a reality television personality best known for her role in the reality series “Shahs of Sunset.” She joined the show after starting a relationship with Mike Shouhed. Paulina and Mike are said to be engaged. During the Shahs of Sunset Season 9 Reunion, the couple announced their engagement. Paulina Ben’s net worth is still unknown and being investigated.

Full Name                Paulina Ben-Cohen
Birth Date/ Age N/A
Birth Place United States
Profession Reality Star
Boyfriend Mike Shouhed
Net Worth $1 million


Early life

Paulina Ben Cohen is a native of the United States. There is no information about her previous life, parents, or academic background. Her birthday appears to be on June 24 based on her Instagram postings.

Her true birth date, however, has yet to be revealed. We also learned that she is of Persian descent. Her mother’s side of the family is likewise Jewish. Pauline has a trial lawyer brother named Pej.

Paulina Ben Cohen Net Worth & Career

Paulina Ben Cohen Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Bio, Career & More

Paulina has not yet shared any of her brief job experiences. However, we learned from her Linkedin profile that she had worked for the apparel brand CO2 Cashmere. Aside from that, she hasn’t said anything on her LinkedIn page.

Paulina is most known for her role in the reality show “Shahs of Sunset.” After Mike Shouhed formally verified his connection with her, the producers of the reality series made the choice to include her in the series. In the eighth season, Mike and Paulina’s relationship became the focus of the show.

Paulina got along well with the other cast members on the reality program. When she goes on a lunch date with Mike and Reza in one of the episodes, she quickly connects with Mike’s best buddy, Reza. Reza, Mike’s close buddy, claims Mike has won the Persian girlfriend lottery.

Paulina Ben Cohen Personal Life

Paulina Ben Cohen was formerly married to Tal Bahari, an Iranian businessman. Tal, her ex-husband, is a rich entrepreneur with several successful business endeavors. She divorced Tal because of irreconcilable issues.

Paulina has three children with her ex-husband, Tal Bahari. Her son is eight years old, and her daughter will be five years old in June 2021. She began dating Mike Shouhed when she was in the process of divorcing Tal. They disclosed their plans to move into their new property in the Los Angeles suburbs when Paulina’s divorce was finally finalized.

During the season 9 reunion of the reality show “Shahs of Sunset,” Paulina and Mike announced their engagement. During the reunion season, he grasped Paulina’s hand and displayed her engagement ring, saying, “We’re engaged… And we’d like to share that with everyone today.”

The couple also stated that they had no intentions for a prenuptial agreement. The pair revealed in the reunion shows that they are not only engaged but also living together. Part 2 of the Season 9 reunion episodes will run on August 29, 2021, and the couple may disclose more.

Pauline Ben Cohen Net Worth

Paulina Ben Cohen has not disclosed her precise net worth. Though, after divorcing her ex-husband, Tal Bahari, she may have gotten some monetary compensation as a divorce settlement. However, we have not yet received any information regarding it.

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