Mr Organik Net Worth & Wiki: How Rich is Mr Organik Actually?

Jarvis Rivers, best known by his stage name Mr. Organik, is a rapper, YouTuber, and business owner. He is primarily known for his social media output, which includes vlogs about his opulent lifestyle and autos. Mr. Organik Net Worth is to be at $1.5 million as of 2023.

Full Name                                         Jarvis Rivers
Birth Date September 29, 1981
Birth Place San Diego, California, United States
Profession Rapper, Youtuber, & Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $1.5 million


Early Life

Mr. Organik was born Jarvis Rivers in San Diego, California on September 29, 1981. He was interested in basketball as a kid. He still enjoys playing basketball in his leisure time. Mr. Organik attended Hoover High School, however, it is unknown if he graduated from there.

Mr. Organik Net Worth and Career 

Mr Organik Net Worth & Wiki: How Rich is Mr Organik Actually?

Mr. Organik is a rapper that has a large number of tracks on YouTube. In 2018, one of his albums, Me Season: Memories and Legacies, was published. All Praise, Top of the Mook, 707-Whole Lot of Horses, and Gauud on My Side are some of his tunes.

His YouTube videos have received over 47 million views to date. Despite the fact that Mr. Organik has many detractors, he has been producing entertaining content for his subscribers. He regularly participates with the Tall Guy Car Reviews YouTube channel, which has about 900,000 followers. They make films in the form of vlogs in which they review exotic vehicles.

Mr. Organik is also interested in real estate, and there are numerous movies in which he takes viewers on a tour of several houses. Mr. Organik has even written a book called Organik Seeds of Greatness, which is intended to help YouTubers and Entrepreneurs find success in this industry.

Personal Life

Mr Organik Net Worth & Wiki: How Rich is Mr Organik Actually?

Mr. Organik is a fitness enthusiast, as seen by his strong body. Mr. Organik is said to be dating YouTuber and actor Danielle Champion. Fans began to speculate when they both appeared in each other’s YouTube videos. They haven’t made it public yet, so we may presume Mr. Organik is still single. He is the sort of person that has a lot of flings, as seen by his films, which contain a lot of women. In addition, he does not have any children of his own.

Interestingly, Mr. Organik has never used drugs or alcohol throughout his life. He added in a video that he adored his grandma and that she was one of the family members who always believed in him and told him he was unique. Mr. Organik witnessed his grandmother’s death as a result of alcohol, thus he abstains fully.

Mr. Organik Net Worth

Mr. Organik net worth is predicted to be $1.5 million as of 2023. According to his Facebook posts, he has invested a significant portion of his salary in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Dogecoin. In addition, Mr. Organik stated in a video that he has a 2-acre house in Malibu. His supporters may also purchase his apparel brand, which has elaborate patterns.

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