Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is the My Pillow CEO Actually?

Michael James Lindell is an American entrepreneur best known for launching My Pillow, a firm that makes pillow, bedding, and slipper goods. Mike Lindell’s net worth is expected to be about $175 million by 2023.

Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is the My Pillow CEO Actually?

Lindell is a staunch admirer of Donald Trump and the founder of the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting drug addicts.

Full Name                         Michael James Lindell
Birth Date June 28, 1961
Birth Place Mankato, Minnesota
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $175 million


Early Life

Mike was born on June 28, 1961, in the town of Carver, Minnesota. Lindell acquired a drug addiction in his adolescence that would have a negative impact on his life as he grew older.

In terms of schooling, he attended the University of Minnesota but dropped out after only a few months. Lindell then opted to concentrate on his business pursuits.

Mike Lindell Net Worth and Career

Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is the My Pillow CEO Actually?

Lindell began working on several small companies, including carpet cleaning and the manufacture of lunch trailers. He also worked at a few pubs and restaurants. However, his drug addiction hampered his growth during his twenties. Nonetheless, he would subsequently develop a product called the My Cushion, which was an inventive and patented pillow that he began in 2004.

The pillow is unique due to its open-cell and poly foam construction. He started the firm with only five workers and has since grown it by leaps and bounds, with over 1500 people working for him now. Lindell’s son Darren is now in charge of the company’s operations, while Lindell is also pursuing political ambitions.

Lindell has also been working on a new social media platform that he described to the press as a hybrid between YouTube and Twitter. Frank is the name of this product, which will be released in April of 2023. However, the platform’s introduction was marred by a slew of technological glitches, which Lindell blamed on the tremendous onslaught it had received.

Personal Life

Lindell has been married and divorced twice, the first time with Karen Dickey. In 2013, he married Dallas Yocum, however, the marriage did not survive even a year. Lindell’s marriages resulted in four children. He has also made significant contributions to other organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Union Gospel Mission.

Lindell struggled with addiction throughout his twenties, primarily to cocaine. During this period, he also ran up a lot of gambling debts, which led to the foreclosure of his house. Nonetheless, he was able to attain recovery via prayer in 2009. Today, he has established the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists people in dealing with drug addiction.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell’s net worth is predicted to be $175 million as of 2023. Lindell’s firm is reported to have sold more than 30 million pillows over the years, which has contributed to Lindell’s considerable net worth.

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