Michael Lewis Net Worth: How Rich is the Author Actually in 2022?

Michael Lewis, an author and financial writer from the United States, is 60 years old. He’s most renowned for his nonfiction reporting, particularly on financial crises and behavioral finance. Since 2009, Michael has been a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, a monthly publication. Lewis made headlines lately when marrying Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana’s niece. Michael Lewis has a net worth of $110 million as of 2022.

Full Name Michael Monroe Lewis
Birth Date October 15, 1960
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana, U. S.
Profession Author and financial journalist
Wife Kitty Spencer
Net Worth $110 million

Early life

Michael Lewis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States on October 15, 1960. J. Thomas Lewis, his father, was a business lawyer, and Diana Monroe Lewis, his mother, was a community activist. Isidore Newman School was where he went to study. He then went on to Princeton University, where he received his master’s degree in art and archaeology in 1982.

Lewis aspired to be an art historian since he was a child. He even did some work for Daniel Wildenstein, a New York City art dealer. However, he learned that art historians would be unemployed and that even if they did find work, they would be paid a pittance. He enrolled in the London School of Economics as a result of this. In 1985, he graduated from the London School of Economics with a Master of Arts in economics.

Michael Lewis Net Worth & Career

Michael worked at Salomon Brothers’ London office as a bond salesperson before. He was encouraged to pursue a career as a writer during this period. In his memoirs book Liar’s Poker, published in 1989, he describes his time at Salomon and the rise of the mortgage-backed bond. Also  In 1999, Lewis published his second book, “The New New Thing.”

In 2003, Lewis finished his second novel, “Moneyball,” after a four-year hiatus. He told the narrative of Billy Beane, a professional baseball player, and his Oakland Athletics in the book. Lewis has also worked for The New York Times Magazine, Bloomberg, and The New Republic for a short length of time. He’s also authored a piece for “Bloomberg,” a progressive online publication.

Michael’s second novel, Flash Boys, was published in March 2014 and is about Wall Street’s high-frequency trading. Lewis rose to prominence as a result of a Vanity Fair story he published in 2017. One of his writings focused on the approach used by the former US President Donald Trump’s administration to several government institutions.

On April 2, 2019, Lewis began airing his “Against the Rules” podcast. The podcast depicts several parts of society, with a focus on justice. It also portrayed the narrative of rising societal skepticism of authorities. He has also appeared on the radio show “Desert Island Discs” as one of the castaways.

Michael Lewis Personal Life

Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana’s niece, and Michael Lewis recently married. On July 24, 2021, the pair exchanged wedding vows in Villa Aldobrandini, a beautiful rural home. It’s still a mystery as to how their romance began.

In 2018, they made their debut appearance as a couple. Michael proposed to Lady Kitty Spencer in December of this year, according to reports. Kitty dresses up in a Dolce & Gabbana gown for the wedding.

Michael has had three prior marriages. He married Diane de Cordova Lewis in 1985, which was his first marriage. The next year, in 1994, he married Kate Bohner. In October of 1997, Lewis married Tabitha Soren, an MTV reporter for the third time. He has three children with his wife, Soren. On May 25, 2021, his daughter Dixie was killed in a semi-truck accident in Truckee, California, and was declared dead.

Michael Lewis Net Worth

Michael Lewis is expected to have a net worth of about $110 million in 2022. In addition, he has a $26 million house in the heart of London. He also owns a large amount of land in South Africa.

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