Michael Knowles Net Worth: How Rich the Political Commentator?

Michael Knowles is a well-known political pundit and podcaster from the United States. He’s best known for hosting “The Michael Knowles Show” on The Daily Wire’s podcast. Michael Knowles has a net worth of $1,5 million as of 2022.

Full Name                                  Michael J Knowles
Birth Date March 18, 1990
Birth Place Bedford Hills, New York, U. S.
Profession Conservative Political Commentator
Wife Alissa Mahler
Net Worth $1,5 million

Early life

In the United States, on March 18, 1990, Michael Knowles was born in Bedford Hills, New York. He was born in Italy. His religion was instilled in him by his family, who nurtured him as a devout Catholic. Michael began his acting career at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City. He majored in History at Yale University during his undergraduate education.

He has previously appeared in the online series “Never Do Business with Friends” and “Survive.” He was still a student at Yale when this happened. Michael even had acting training from Wynn Handman in New York City. He then relocated to Los Angeles, where he appeared in the television series “Blend In” and the film “I’m Back!” Another Kingdom, an audiobook, included his voice as well.

Michael Knowles Net Worth & Rise to Fame

In 2016, Michael began his podcasting career with The Daily Wire, a conservative news organization. He was hired as the cultural reporter for the podcast “The Andrew Klavan Show” by the corporation. In 2017, he launched “The Michael Knowles Show,” a podcast that he hosts.

In September of this year, Knowles was a guest on Fox News’s “The Story.” He referred to a climate activist, Greta Thunberg, as a mentally disturbed Swedish youngster while speaking about why vegetarian diets are bad for the environment. Fox afterward had to apologize for his sexist remark about Greta, and Fox News declared that he would never be invited back on the program.

In January 2020, Michael and Ted Cruz, a US Senator, started “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” a new podcast. During former US President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings, the podcast was created. Knowles began work on a new edition of the video series “The Book Club,” which was released on the website of PragerU, a media firm.

After appearing as a guest on Rush Limbaugh’s program, Knowles started his own radio show. On January 4, 2021, his own radio program premiered. He’s also the author of the empty book “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide,” which he published alongside his presenting gig. The book quickly rose to the number one spot on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Michael Knowles Personal Life

Michael Knowles is a husband and father of three children. In 2018, he married Alissa Mahier, his long-time lover. Right now, Michael seems to be having a wonderful time with his wife. In a response to one lady on January 10, 2020, Knowles said that he is married and has much more respect for women than feminism. He responded to a lady on Twitter who said no woman wants a misogynist like him.

Michael Knowles Net Worth

By the year 2022, Michael Knowles will have amassed a net worth of around $1,5 million. As a podcaster, he makes around $100,000 each year.

Michael Knowles News

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