Matt Pokora Net Worth: How Rich is Christina Milian’s Partner?

Matt Pokora is a well-known French R&B singer and composer who goes by the name Matthieu Tota. “It’s Alright,” “Cette Annee-la,” and “Belinda” are among his most well-known tunes. When Matt joined the organizations “MC Unity” and “Linkup,” he quickly climbed to fame. On April 24, 2021, Matt and Christian Milian had their second child, Kenna. Matt Pokora has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2022.

Full Name Matt Pokora
Birth Date September 26, 1985
Birth Place Strasbourg, France
Profession Singer
Partner Christina Milian
Net Worth $8million

Early life

In Strasbourg, France, Matt Pokora was born on September 26, 1985. Andre Tota, his father, was a professional football player in the past. When Matt was 13, his parents divorced. Previously, he aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional player. He got increasingly interested in music as he grew older.

In terms of schooling, he graduated from an elementary school in Hohberg. He afterwards attended the College Paul-Emile Victor in Mundolsheim and the Lycee Aristide Briand in Schiltigheim. Pokora, his stage name, comes from the Polish word Pokora, which means “humility.”

Matt Pokora Net Worth & Career

Matt was part of a French R&B ensemble called Mic Unity at the start of his career. He appeared on Popstars, a reality singing talent program, after some time in 2003. He was able to wow the judges and the crowd during the tournament.

Soon after, he was chosen as a member of “Linkup,” a boy band. Lionel and Otis are the band’s other two members. The boy band triumphed against Diadems in the show’s finals.

With their debut song, “Mon Etoile,” the boy band wowed the crowd. It was a hit in France, reaching number one on the charts. They had a fairly successful first album, “Notre Etoile.” Blue, a British boy band, subsequently teamed up with the band. They release “You & Me Bubblin” as a follow-up to their duet. After failing to achieve a decent sales performance, the boy band was dissolved.

Matt Pokora Fame

In 2004, Matt launched his solo career, working with producers Kore and Skalp. Matt Pokora was his first solo album. After a lawsuit by French singer Matt Houston, he was forced to alter his name. As a result, he changed his stage name to “M. Pokora” and re-released the record.

“Showbiz (The Battle)” was his debut single under his new stage name, and it was a big hit. In France, the song reached number 10 on the charts. After releasing his second album, “Player,” in January 2006, Matt accelerated his professional trajectory. On March 24, 2008, he released MP3, his third album. The album was a smashing success in Finland, Mexico, Belgium, and Germany, breaking records in all four countries. The album was later awarded Gold certification.

On August 23, 2010, Matt released his fourth studio album, “Mise A Jour,” and on March 20, 2012, he released his fifth, “A la poursuite du bonheur.” On April 12, 2019, he released his final and eighth studio album, “Pyramide.”

Matt Pokora’s Wife- Christina Milian

Since 2017, American singer Christina Milian has been dating Matt Pokora. In a bistro in France, he first met her. They announced the birth of their first child in July 2019, after dating for two years. Matt gave birth to his first child, Isaiah, in January. Christina, Matt’s partner, revealed on December 10, 2020, that she and Matt are expecting their second child. On April 24, 2021, the couple had their second son, Kenna.

Matt Pokora Net Worth

By the year 2022, Matt Pokora will have acquired a fortune of around $8 million. In addition to singing, he has appeared in the French musical comedy “Robin des Bois,” in which he played Robin Hood. Matt’s earnings have also increased as a result of his work as a brand ambassador for a variety of companies.

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