Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: How Rich is Facebook Owner?

Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of $113 billion USD and is a Leading technology businessman and billionaire. As of this writing, Mark is the world’s third wealthiest person. Mark is the youngest among some of the list of 100 wealthiest persons on the planet. He’s the youngest of a world ranking with almost a decade.

Full Name Mark Elliot Zuckerberg
Net Worth $113 Billion
Date of Birth: May 14, 1984 (37 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Programmer, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Nationality: United States of America
Wife Priscilla Chan

Early Life

On May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born. Edward is a dentist, and Karen is a psychiatrist. Randi, Donna, and Arielle are his three sisters. Mark grew raised in the Westchester County town of Dobbs Ferry with his sisters. At the age of 12, he had a “Star Wars” theme for his Bar Mitzvah.
Zuckerberg first used computers and wrote software while he was in middle school. In the 1990s, his father taught him BASIC programming and then hired David Newman, a software engineer, to train him privately.

For his freshman and sophomore years, Zuckerberg went to Ardsley High School. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy for his junior and senior years, where he excelled academically and was recognized for his achievements in physics, arithmetic, astronomy, and classical studies. Zuckerberg captained the fencing squad at Phillip Exeter Academy. He studied BASIC at Mercy College while in high school. He also created “ZuckNet,” a software program that connected all of the computers in the Zuckerbergs’ house with those at his father’s dentistry office.

It worked in a similar way to AOL’s Instant Messenger, which launched the same year as Mark’s ZuckNet. In high school, Zuckerberg developed the Synapse Media Player, which is a music player. The user’s listening habits were learned by the media player. AOL attempted to acquire Synapse with the intention of hiring Zuckerberg. Microsoft also made an offer for Synapse for several million dollars and attempted to employ Zuckerberg. He did not sell, and in the autumn of 2002, he enrolled at Harvard.


By the time he arrived at Harvard, Zuckerberg was known as a programming prodigy. He majored in computer science and psychology. He was a Kirkland house member and a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. In his sophomore year, Zuckerberg created CourseMatch. Users may establish study groups and choose classes depending on what other students choose. He invented Facemash not long after, which allowed users to choose the most attractive person from a bunch of images. The site crashed Harvard’s servers the first weekend it was up and running.

Zuckerberg started programming code for a new website the next semester, in January 2004. From his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg and friends Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin established “Thefacebook,” which was initially hosted at

In order to focus on Facebook, Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard during his second year. In 2017, he was honored with an honorary doctorate.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth and Facebook Career

In the spring of 2004, Zuckerberg, Moskovitz, and a group of pals went to Palo Alto, California, and rented a tiny home to use as a Facebook office. Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist, during the summer. The group had intended to return to Harvard, but they opted to stay in California instead. Major firms had previously made bids to purchase the company, which they had rejected. In April 2009, Zuckerberg enlisted the help of Peter Currie, the former CFO of Netscape, to help him figure out how to fund Facebook. Zuckerberg said on July 21, 2010, that the firm has achieved 500 million users. Of course, Facebook has grown into a massive social media platform that has made Mark Zuckerberg one of the world’s wealthiest men.

Legal Issues

Harvard students Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss filed a complaint against Zuckerberg, alleging that he deceived them into believing that he would assist them in the development of their website concept,, eventually renamed ConnectU. Following that, there was a slew of lawsuits. On June 25, 2008, the matter was resolved, and they were given 1.2 million common shares as well as cash compensation totaling $20 million. If those shares are still in the hands of their original owners, they are worth well over $200 million. The Winklevoss brothers sold at least a part of their stock to finance their Bitcoin purchases. They had so much Bitcoin that their total crypto assets were valued at more than $1 billion in December 2017.

On April 10 and 11, 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg started appearing before the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on the company’s use of personal data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data leak. Aleksandr Kogan, Cambridge Analytica, and Facebook, according to Zuckerberg, have all broken trust.

Personal Life

When he filled out his college applications, Zuckerberg claimed to be able to read and write French, Hebrew, Latin, and ancient Greek.

At a fraternity party during his sophomore year at Harvard, Zuckerberg met his future wife, fellow student Priscilla Chan. It was in 2003 when they started dating.

Chan, then a medical student at the University of California, was asked to move into Zuckerberg’s leased Palo Alto home in September 2010. Zuckerberg and Chan married in Zuckerberg’s garden on May 19, 2012, in a ceremony that simultaneously commemorated Chan’s medical school graduation. The birth of their daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, was announced by Zuckerberg on December 1, 2015. (“Max”). In August of 2017, they welcomed their second child, August.

Through their charity, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Zuckerberg and Chan are members of the Giving Pledge and active donors. The pair plans to contribute 99 percent of their Facebook shares to the Initiative at some point in the future.

Real Estate

Around $200 million in real estate and land is owned by Zuckerberg and Chan worldwide. 1,400 acres in Hawaii, multiple Palo Alto residences, and a San Francisco townhouse are among their most prominent real estate holdings.

Mark Zuckerberg and his family reside in a modest 5,000 square foot Palo Alto house that he bought for $7 million in 2011. However, he also owns the properties that surround this “modest” residence, thereby establishing a private complex. In 2012, Zuckerberg started purchasing the four homes that surround his house. He spent a total of $43 million on the acquisition of nearby homes. He then leased the properties back to the prior owners, with the intention of demolishing and rebuilding them in the future. However, when municipal authorities rejected his design, he filed a revised plan that included renovating two of the houses and rebuilding the other two as single-story dwellings.

He purchased a 5,500-square-foot home in San Francisco for $10 million in 2013. Built-in 1928, the house stands on a 9,800-square-foot property with 70 feet of sidewalk exposure. The mansion was renovated for more than $1.6 million. According to reports, the kitchen and one bathroom were remodeled for $65,000.

Zuckerberg spent $100 million in 2014 on two homes in Kauai, Hawaii. These estates cover 750 acres on a remote Hawaiian coastline. He spent more than $45 million in 2017 to buy another 89 acres nearby. He purchased another 100 acres in January 2022, giving him a total of 1,400 acres on Kauai.

In 2018, Zuckerberg spent $59 million for two Lake Tahoe beachfront residences that are close to one another. Zuckerberg has 600 feet of private Lake Tahoe coastline between the two sites.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

Facebook went public on May 18, 2012, at a price of $38 per share. Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is to be about $1 billion. Mark is the proud owner of 400 million Facebook shares. He had a paper net worth of roughly $15 billion at the time of the IPO.

During his lifetime, Mark has promised to give away 99 percent of his fortune. He declared in September 2017 that he will sell pieces of his stock on a regular basis to finance his CZI charity (Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative). The revenues from his 2018 share sales were $5.3 billion. He sold $1.86 billion in Facebook stock in 2019. Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth is $113 billion USD in 2022. He is a leading technology businessman and billionaire.

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