Mark Sisson Net Worth: How Rich is the Fitness Guru Actually?

Mark Sisson is an internationally recognized fitness author and food blogger from the United States. He was an Ironman racer, a long-distance runner, and a triathlon in the past. Mark Sisson’s net worth is expected to reach about $18 million in 2022, according to Forbes.

Mark is best known for co-authoring “The Keto Reset Diet,” a well-selling health and fitness book. Mark’s Daily Apple, his health blog, and his YouTube channel are both well-known.

Full Name                                      Mark Sisson
Birth Date July 20, 1953
Birth Place Maine, United States of America
Profession Fitness author
Wife Carrie
Net Worth $18 million

Early life

Mark Sisson was born in Maine, USA, on July 20, 1953. He had four siblings when he was a kid. Mark obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology from Williams College.

Mark started off as a sports fanatic. He excelled as a long-distance runner. He was a fast runner for Portland (Maine) Track Club in the 1970s, and he established several records. Mark raced in the 1980 United States National Marathon Championships and placed fifth. He qualified for the United States Olympic Trials in the same year, 1980.

Sisson was a top Ironman racer as well. He took part in the Ironman World Championships in 1982. In the championship, he placed fourth.

Mark Sisson Net Worth and Career

He was named head of the International Triathlon Union Anti-Doping Commission after a few years of dedicated service to the sport. For fifteen years, he served as chairman. He also served as the liaison for the International Triathlon Union (ITU) at the International Olympic Committee.

Due to several conflicting concerns, he stood down from his ITU duties in 2003. Following his departure from ITU, he founded “Primal Nutrition,” a nutritional supplement firm. Mark mostly adheres to the paleo diet, although he has developed his own version of the diet, which he refers to as the “Primal Blueprint Diet.”

“Mark’s Daily Apple” is Mark’s personal food blog. He’s provided the greatest diet and exercise plans for staying fit and healthy on his blog. He is the author of a few diet and fitness publications. In 2009, he released his first book, “The Primal Blueprint.”

Sisson’s second book, “Primal Endurance,” was released in 2015, and his third, “The New Primal Blueprint,” was published in 2016. He released “The Keto Reset Diet” shortly after a year. It quickly rose to the top of the health and fitness bestseller list.

Mark’s sixth book, “Two Meals a Day,” was just released in 2021. In 2015, he co-founded Primal Kitchen with Morgan Buehler, in addition to producing health and fitness publications. Mark and Morgan, on the other hand, sold the company to Kraft Heinz in 2018 for $200 million.

Mark Sisson’s Wife- Carrie

Carrie is the name of Mark Sisson’s wife. With her, he has two children. He has given relatively little information about his personal life, despite the fact that his work is an open book.

Mark Sisson Net Worth

Mark Sisson’s net worth is expected to be about $18 million by the year 2022. Mark’s Apple Day is the title of his YouTube channel. Mark makes a good living off of it. His YouTube account has 6.49 million views as of 2021, resulting in an anticipated earnings range of $644500 to $1289000. Mark and his wife Carrie paid $13.25 million for a unit in Miami’s Continuum South in 2019.

Mark Sisson News

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