Madelyn Cline Net Worth: How Rich is Outer Banks Star Actually?

Madelyn Renee Cline is an American actress best known for her appearance in the Netflix adolescent drama Outer Banks as Sarah Cameron. Madelyn Cline is to have a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2021.

Full Name Madelyn Renee Cline
Birth Date December 21, 1997
Birth Place Charleston, South Carolina
Profession Actress
Relationship Status Currently dating Chase Stokes
Net Worth $1.2 million


Early Life

Madelyn Cline was born on December 21, 1997, in South Carolina, to a real estate agent father and an engineer mother. Cline began working on television advertisements in New York City early on, with brands such as Sunny D and T-Mobile.

She attended Charleston Day School and then went on to Coastal Carolina University to further her education. Cline, on the other hand, dropped out in 2017 to concentrate solely on her acting profession.

Madelyn Cline Net Worth and Career

Cline has previously been in programs like Stranger Things and The Originals in addition to Outer Banks. Cline was also a part of Knives Out 2 and appeared in the film Boy Erased. These were minor assignments that allowed Cline to hone her abilities and establish a name for herself in the business. Working on films like Boy Erased has been extremely beneficial to her since she has had the opportunity to work with stars like Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman.

But it was when she was cast as Sarah Cameron in Netflix’s Outer Banks series that she made her breakthrough. The program has been a huge success, and the second season is about to be released, which fans are quite enthusiastic about. Because Cline is from South Carolina, and the program is shot in North Carolina, she has a natural match for the role of Sarah on the show.

She’s said that shooting at the Outer Banks during a pandemic has been a once-in-a-lifetime event. Because of the many stay-at-home orders that were issued, Cline and the cast of Outer Banks were forced to spend over a month in quarantine together.

Personal Life

Photography, hiking, and going on road trips are just a few of Cline’s hobbies. She’s described herself as a thrill-seeker. Cline has previously been out about having an eating disorder as a youngster, which led to mental health concerns.

Chase Stokes, who is also a member of the Outer Banks cast, has been dating Cline. Many fans have speculated that the cast of Outer Banks’ love story grew in real life as a result of their month-long quarantine.

Madelyn Cline Net Worth

Madelyn Cline’s net worth is to be $1.2 million as of the year 2021. Cline has already amassed a sizable net worth, and with her fame skyrocketing, we may anticipate her net worth to skyrocket even higher in the near future.

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