Lil Mosey Net Worth: Height, Age, Real Name, Career & Girlfriend

Lil Mosey is a 19-year-old rapper and hip-hop recording artist who goes by the stage name Lathan Echols. “Pull Up,” “Noticed,” and “Blueberry Faygo” are among his most popular tunes. Lil has been in the news recently after two women accused him of rape. Following his failure to appear in court for the initial hearing, an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest. Lil Mosey has a net worth of $3 million as of 2021.

Full Name Lathan Moses Stanley Echols
Birth Date/ Age January 25, 2002/ 19 years old
Birth Place Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Profession Rapper
Girlfriend (Rumored) Dixie D’Amelio
Net Worth $3 million


Early life

Lathan Echols, better known as Lil Mosey, was born in Mountlake Terrace, Washington on January 25, 2002. He has a half-black father and a white mother. His single mother reared Lil. When he was in eighth grade, he began singing. Since he was a young adolescent, Lil’ Wayne has been rapping.

He graduated from Mountlake Terrace High School with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He went to the school until he was in ninth grade. In the 10th grade, Lil transferred to Shorecrest High School. His mother forbade him from dropping out of school. So he made a pact with his mum to drop out of school if his debut music video reached 30K views in three days.

Lil Mosey Net Worth & Career

Despite the fact that the music video achieved its objective, his mother refused to let him leave school. He, on the other hand, adheres to his resolve and drops out of school in 10th grade. Lil’s debut single, “So Bad,” was released in 2016 on SoundCloud. The song gained 50,000 views in a short period of time. In December 2017, he released his debut commercial song “Pull Up.” As of this writing, the music video has garnered more than 35 million views on YouTube.

On March 14, 2018, he dropped a new commercial song called “Boof Pack.” More than 16 million people have seen the music video on YouTube so far. On October 19, 2018, Lil’ Wayne released his debut studio album, “Northbest.” The album features the smash tune “Noticed,” which has a permanent spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Also On November 8, 2019, Lil Yachty dropped his second studio album, “Certified Hitmaker.” Blueberry Faygo became the Billboard Hot 100’s highest-charting hit. In actuality, the song reached number 8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. On March 16, 2021, he released his new single “Try Me.” Over 4.8 million people have seen the song’s official music video on YouTube.

Lil Mosey Height, Weight & Measurements

Lil Mosey isn’t quite as tall as he seems. He is 1.68 m tall and weighs 65 kg (143 pounds). At the time, his chest, waist, and arms measurements are unavailable. His eyes are a brownish tone, and his hair is a dark brown. Mosey has the word “Loyalty” tattooed on his right arm. He has the name “Thank God” tattooed on his chest as well.

Lil Mosey’s Girlfriend & Rape Charges

Dixie D’Amelio, a TikTok celebrity, was believed to be dating Lil Mosey in 2020. After being observed having a private meal, the two were mistaken for a new love couple. During supper, Lil and Dixie had a lot of conversations. He even takes photographs of her and does TikTok videos with her. They never confirmed their connection, though.

On April 2, 2021, Lil was charged with second-degree rape for engaging in sexual intercourse with two ladies during a party he held on January 5, 2021. On April 21, he was supposed to appear in court for the first time, but he didn’t show up. A warrant has been issued for his arrest because of his absence.

If convicted, he faces a sentence of 78 to 102 months in jail or life in prison if he is proven guilty. A maximum fine of $50,000 would also be imposed on him.

Lil Mosey Net Worth

By the year 2021, Lil Mosey will have acquired a wealth of almost $3 million. From the sales of his music albums, he has amassed a sizable fortune. If he is convicted guilty of rape accusations, his financial worth and music career would undoubtedly suffer.

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