Larry Elder Net Worth: How Rich is the Conservative Radio Host?

Larry Elder is a conservative American radio broadcaster, attorney, and radio program host. “The Larry Elder Show” is his most well-known role. Larry is running for governor of California as a Republican in 2021. California gubernatorial recall election to replace incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom. Larry Elder’s net worth of $16 million as of 2022.

Full Name Laurence Allen Elder
Birth Date April 27, 1952
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, U. S.
Profession Conservative, Radio show host
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $16 million

Early life

Larry Elder was born in the United States on April 27, 1952, in Los Angeles. Pico-Union and South Central were his early haunts. Randolph, Elder’s father, served in the United States Marine Corps as a sergeant. During the Second Great Migration, his family moved from New York to California.

Larry was raised by his mother, Viola, and two brothers after his father died in 2011. During World War II, his mother worked for the United States Department of War as a clerk.

Larry Elder enrolled at Crenshaw High School, where he graduated in 1970. He then went to Brown University for his undergraduate studies. He graduated from the University in 1974 with a Bachelor’s degree. Larry Elder graduated from the University of Michigan Law School with a J. D. degree in 1977.

Larry Elder Net Worth & Career

Following graduating, Elder began working at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, a legal firm in Cleveland. Laurence A. Elder and Associates starts him in 1980 as a legal executive search business. He continued to work for the company until 1987. He owned the company until 1995, despite stepping down from it.

In 1988, Larry co-hosted Fabric, a topical television program. WVIZ, a PBS member station, broadcasted the television program. In 1997, he became the anchor of PBS’s National Desk. He worked for the special program “Making Waves- LAUSD” on KCAL-TV News between 2000 and 2001. For his outstanding performance at KCAL-TV, he got a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award in 2000.

In 2004, Elder began presenting “The Larry Elder Program,” a syndicated discussion show. Warner Bros. released the chat program. Larry was also well-known as the host of many other radio programs. In 1994, he started hosting a daily evening discussion program on KABC, a talk radio station.

On December 12th, 2008, he departed the radio station. On September 27, 2010, but, he returned to the station. He was sacked from KABC on December 2, 2014, after a four-year stint there. Elder in July 2021 that he will run in the next California gubernatorial recall election. He is against Gavin Newsom, the incumbent governor of the state.

Age, Height, and Weight

So, in 2022, how old will Lаrrу ldеr be, and what will his height and weight be? Well, Lаrrу ldеr is 69 years old as of today’s date (30th аnuаrу 2022), having been born on April 27, 1952. Huge at 5′ 9′′ in height and 181 cm in length, he weighed over 194 pounds in weight and 88 kilograms in weight.

Awards and Achievements

Larry Elder has a long list of accomplishments and honors to his name. Some of his awards are listed below. In the year 2000, Elder received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was bestowed to him in 2015.

Larry Elder Personal Life

Larry Elder is currently unattached. His ex-fiance, Alexandra Datig, has just charged him with domestic abuse. During their split, Larry allegedly displayed a firearm, according to her. Before flashing a pistol at her, Larry, she said, checked to see whether it was loaded.

Larry Elder is the subject of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. He has, but, said that the charges are false. “I have never displayed a pistol at anybody,” Larry stated in his new statement.

Larry Elder Net Worth

Larry Elder’s net worth is to be $16 million as of 2022. He possessed a two-acre Hollywood Hills home that he sold for $5.2 million in September 2018.

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