KTS Dre Wiki: Age, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth, Career & Death

KTS Dre and Kutthroat Dreko were stage names used by American rapper Londre Sylvester, better known as Londre. On July 10, 2021, just days after being freed from jail, he was viciously murdered and pronounced dead. KTS Dre net worth is currently being examined as of 2022.

Real Name Londre Sylvester
Birth Date April 6, 1990
Birth Place Chicago, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Not Available
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

KTS Drew, also known as Londre Sylvester, was born on April 6, 1990. His early years are not that well-known.

KTS Dre Net Worth and Career


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In order to pursue a career as a rapper, Sylvester took on the alias KTS Dre. Only a portion of his labor has received any notice, though, suggesting that Londre may have continued to work a different job to make ends meet. This is because he didn’t have any songs that were really popular, and when he did, he concentrated on the underground sector. In the future, perhaps more people might have heard the music he wrote if it weren’t for his murder.

Personal Life & Death

Londre Sylvester was pronounced dead in the hospital on July 10, 2021, a Saturday. He just launches from Cook County Jail after his fiance put down a $5000 bond money. But the day after he was freed, two shooters began to pelt him with many gunfires. In the area, which the police have identified as being in the 2700 block of South California Avenue, there was also an elderly woman. Sylvester was forced to pay the $5000 after being charged with breaking a previous bail and receiving a fine. In April 2020, he arrests after seeing with a pistol. In addition, the officers would learn that Sylvester was really on parole for a 2015 firearms conviction. Sylvester’s upbringing influenced the subsequent circumstances that led to his continued incarceration.

His fiancée recently tweeted information regarding his bond, and it’s possible that this information was utilized by criminals to organize Sylvester’s murder since they thought he was going to be freed. Prior to this, Sylvester was also living under house arrest with a GPS tracking device, with the restriction that he may only leave the house for 4 hours to perform errands. Since Sylvester was also affiliated with a gang, some believe he had a grudge against members of other groups. Although nothing substantial has been revealed to the public as of yet, this might definitely be used as the primary justification for his murder. Further evidence that those who came to murder him or were instructed to do so did so out of a desire for retaliation and vengeance is the fact that he was shot more than 60 times.

KTS Dre Net Worth

The evaluation of KTS Dre’s net worth is ongoing as of 2022. Londre was still searching for a breakthrough in his rap career, which was still in its infancy. Because of this and the significant costs associated with his legal status, Londre’s net worth is likely to be below average.

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