John Leonard Net Worth: How Rich is the Man Who Sued Pepsi?

John Leonard is an Former Chief Mountaineering Ranger from America. He is most known for suing Pepsi, the world’s largest soft drink company, over a $23 million fighter plane. After the four-part Netflix documentary Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? debuted on November 17, 2022, John gained notoriety. John Leonard is estimated to have a net worth of $33 million as of 2023.

Full Name John Leonard
Birthday/Age 1974/42 years
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Profession Former chief mountain ranger
Wife Dottie
Net Worth $33 million

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Early Life

Seattle, Washington, was the place of John Leonard’s birth. His parents, early years, and education are not well-known. His mother’s name, Linda Leonard, is, however, a known fact. When he was a young boy, his parents ran a small business. His mother characterized John as a driven individual who frequently worked. He worked as a glass cutter, paper boy, magazine salesman, climbing guide, and window washer, according to his mother in the Netflix original. According to reports, John attended community college to study and eventually graduated with a business degree. He liked being on his own and being outside in the mountains since he was a young boy.

John Leonard Net Worth & Career

John came across a Pepsi commercial in February 1996 that promised a brand-new Harriet jump jet to the first person who collected 7 million labels. John started bringing a lot of the drinks home in truckloads, where he and his family drank a lot of them. Later, John noticed a disclaimer that stated consumers could choose to purchase Pepsi Points for 10 cents each as opposed to collecting labels. Thus, anyone could own a $23 million Harrier jump plane for about $700,000. Then, Todd Hoffman, a likable billionaire who was then in his 40s, occurred to cross his path. While he was on a climbing excursion, he had gotten to know Hoffman. Todd unexpectedly expressed interest in Leonard’s crazy scheme when he said he needed $700,000 to buy a fighter jet from a soft drink company.

The commercial’s videotape was then viewed by Hoffman and Leonard. The two simply continued to scan the advertisement. Pepsi never took the advertisement seriously, however. They even pretended it was a joke. However, John, who was 21 at the time, genuinely thought that the beverage company’s offer of a Harriet Jet in exchange for 7 million Pepsi points was true. They worked very hard and were able to accumulate 7 million points, but they were not awarded a Harriet Jet.

Leonard then filed a lawsuit against Pepsi to try to obtain the jet that was promised in the advertisement. One Peipsi representative claimed in the Netflix series that Leonard was the only one out of the millions who actually tried to redeem the jet offers. In 1999, John finally suffered a legal defeat. After that, his attention was solely directed toward his innate love of mountain climbing. He began serving as a backcountry ranger for Mount Rainier National Park in 1999. He worked as a mountaineering ranger at Alaska’s Denali National Park for three years after that. He is currently employed by the National Park Service’s Washington, DC Bureau.

Personal Life

john Now that he is married to Dottie, Leonard is a family guy. He and his better half have a daughter and a son who are both growing up together. In Talkeetna, Alaska, John currently resides with his family. It is well known that his wife is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. After losing the Pepsi legal struggle, Leonard has turned his entire attention to his family and his passion. He appears to be leading a successful life, as does his family.

John Leonard Net Worth

In 2023, John Leonard’s net worth is anticipated to be in the neighborhood of $33 million. He most likely has amassed a sizable sum while serving as a climbing ranger. The mountain climbers’ safety and the mountain’s cleanliness were John’s responsibilities as a mountain ranger. In addition, Leonard has held the position of South District Acting Ranger at Denali National Park. He didn’t get a $23 million jet, but he seems content with his job right now, so who cares?

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