Jerry Mathers Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2022?

Jerry Mathers is an American actor. His real name is Gerald Patrick Mathers. He is most known for his portrayal as Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver in the television comedy “Leave It to Beaver” from his boyhood. Jerry Mathers has a net worth of about $3 million as of 2022.

Full Name Gerald Patrick Mathers
Birth Date June 2, 1948
Birth Place Sioux City, Iowa, United States
Profession Actor
Wife Teresa Modnick
Net Worth $3 million

Early life

On June 2, 1948, Jerry Mathers was born in Sioux City, Iowa. His father served as the principal of a high school. He grew raised in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, where he spent his youth. He has three siblings, two brothers, and one sister, with who he grew up.

Jerry began his career as a child model for a department store commercial when he was two years old. He was featured with comedian Ed Wynn in a commercial for PET Milk after a first ad. Following that, Jerry featured in a few films, including “This Is My Love,” “Men of the Fighting Lady,” “The Seven Little Foys,” and “The Trouble with Harry.”

Jerry Mathers Net Worth & Career

After landing the part of Beaver Cleaver in the TV comedy “Leave It to Beaver,” Mathers became a well-known television personality. He was chosen by the show’s producers because of his forthright approach when he said that he would rather be at his Cub Scout meeting than audition for the part.

In the sitcom, Jerry was fantastic as Beaver. He starred in 234 episodes of the TV program over the course of six years. Jerry agreed to get a portion of the show’s merchandise proceeds while he remained a cast member. He became the first kid actor to get a share of the merchandise income as a result of the arrangement.

He stopped performing as he got older and focused more on his studies. Matthers attended Dotre Dame High School, where he received his education. He was a member of the musical group Beaver and the Trappers when he was still in school.

He enlisted in the Air Force Reserve in 1966. After graduating from high school, he continued to serve in the Reserves. He was promoted to Sergeant after a period of time. During the Vietnam War, Matthers was said to have been slain. The notion was debunked when Jerry said that he had never served outside of the United States.

Jerry Mathers Fame

After finishing his academic degree at the University of California, Berkeley, Jerry worked as a commercial loan officer. At the time, he was earning $500 a week from his bank job. Later, he invested all of his money into a real estate development business. He returned to acting in 1978, after all of his ups and downs, in the comic play Boeing, Boeing.

Jerry appeared in the 1983 TV reunion film “Still the Beaver” as Beaver Cleaver. The film was well-received by the public, prompting the production of a sequel series of the same name. The Disney Channel first broadcasted the program in 1984. After being picked up by TBS, the show was renamed “The New Leave it to Beaver.” Until 1989, the popular TV show aired.

In 2018 and 2019, Matthers used the MeTV network to advertise his popular TV series. He most recently appeared in the 2008 film “Will to Power” as well as the television film “Mother Goose Parade.”

Jerry Mathers Personal Life

Jerry Matthers is a three-time married man. He married Diana Platt in 1974 for the first time. When he was in college, he first met her. He married Rhonda Gehring after splitting up from Diana. His second wife, Rhonda, had him three children: two girls and a boy. In 1997, the couple split up and divorced.

On January 30, 2011, Jerry married Teresa Modnick, his third wife. He is now indulging his third wife in opulence. Following his recovery from Type 2 diabetes, Matthers appeared in a TV commercial for a Type 2 diabetes reversal program.

He began a weight-loss program with Jenny Craig after being diagnosed with diabetes. During the weight-loss program, he shed more than 40 pounds, and he went on to become Jenny Craig’s first male ambassador.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

Jerry Mathers is to be worth roughly $3 million in 2022. He has released two single 45 rpm songs, “Don’t Cha Cry” and “Wind-Up Toy,” in addition to being a well-known actor. He has also served as the national spokesperson for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or “PhRMA.”

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