Frank Fritz Net Worth: How Rich is American Pickers Star Actually?

Frank Fritz is an American reality television celebrity best known for co-hosting the History Channel’s hit reality show “American Pickers.” Since the show’s first season in 2010, Frank has co-hosted the reality show with his old buddy Mike Wolfe. In March 2020, he appeared for the final time on the antiquing tour. Frank Fritz is to have a net worth of $7 million by 2022.

Full Name Frank Fritz
Birth Date October 11, 1965
Birth Place Davenport, Iowa, U. S.
Profession Reality star, Antique collector
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $7 million

Early life

On the 11th of October, 1965 Frank Fritz was born in Davenport, Iowa. Bill and Susan Fritz were his parents. His father, Bill, worked as a pharmacist, while his mother, Susan, worked as a babysitter for other people’s children. Ohio is his younger sister.

Frank attended high school but chose not to pursue his education in college. He received his graduate degree in 1982 from Bettendorf High School, where he studied. While attending Sudlow Intermediate School, Frank met Mike Wolfe, his closest friend. Since he was a tiny child, he has loved collecting pebbles, stamps, and beer cans. Dirt bike riding was another of his passions.

Frank Fritz Net Worth & Career

Frank worked at Quad-City Automatic Sprinkler and Coast to Coast Hardware throughout his adolescent years. He was working two jobs to save money for a $4,100 Harley-Davidson motorbike. Frank began working as a fire inspector after graduating from high school. He worked as a fire inspector for the previous 25 years of his life.

In 2002, Frank left his job as a fire safety inspector and began collecting vintage and antique goods full-time. He started Frank Fritz Finds, an antique business in Savanna, Illinois, after a short period of time. Frank rose to prominence as a result of his exceptional aptitude for locating old toys and automobiles. He debuted on the History Channel’s reality show “American Pickers” in 2010. Mike Wolfe, Fritz’s lifelong buddy, was co-hosting the show.

When the first episode of the reality show was broadcast on January 18, 2010, it drew over 3 million people. The network’s highest-rated premiere since 2007, when “Ice Road Truckers” had the previous-highest launch. Frank saw in 2020 co-hosting the popular antiquing tour. He was recovering from back surgery and had Crohn’s disease at the time.

The upcoming season of American Pickers will not include Frank. Frank will not be returning as a co-host of American Pickers, according to the history channel. “I didn’t quit the program,” he stated in a recent interview with The Sun on his last appearance in the series. After I completed filming, I had a little back operation, and then the pandemic struck.”

Frank Fritz Personal Life

As of right now, Frank Fritz is mind to be single. He married his longtime girlfriend, Jodi Faeth, in 2012, according to rumors. He never validated the information, however. When the notion that he is in a homosexual relationship with Mike Wolfe began to circulate, Frank suspects to be gay.

In 2017, Frank was charged with OWI. He was arrested for driving on the wrong side of the highway. Frank paid a $625 fine and was sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation after being found guilty. He also needs to participate in a drug abuse assessment program.

Frank Fritz Net Worth

Frank Fritz net worth has to $7 million as of 2022. He made a good living co-hosting the American Pickers for the last ten years. He’s also been on “Cincy Entertainment,” “Late Show with David Letterman,” “Rachael Ray,” “American Restoration,” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” among others.

Frank Fritz News

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