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Floyd Mayweather is a boxing champion and promoter from the United States. Floyd Mayweather has a $450 million net worth in 2022. He is the wealthiest boxer of all time as a result of this. As of this writing, Floyd’s total career earnings exceed $1.1 billion.

He does, however, have a negative record for being arrogant, egotistical, and a nasty fighter. Nobody can take away his tremendously successful and well-deserved career, though. He put forth a lot of effort in his training, as seen by the behind-the-scenes films.

Net Worth $450 Million
Salary $300 Million Per Fight
Date of Birth Feb 24, 1977
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession Professional Boxer, Athlete, Actor
Nationality United States of America

Early Life

On the 24th of February 1977, Floyd was birth in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father, who came before him, was a welterweight contender. His father, as well as his uncles, Jeff and Roger, were both professional boxers.

Floyd’s destiny was to be a fighter, you could say. His DNA was infused with it. He has had a passion for boxing since he was a child. Even when he thought he should look for work, his family advised him to stay in school.

Floyd grew up in a dysfunctional household. His mother was a drug addict, and his father was a drug trafficker who was incarcerated. When he returned home, he would frequently discover heroin needles outside his front door.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth and Career

Mayweather had an illustrious career, with a staggering number of accomplishments. He fought as an amateur before participating in the top leagues. Floyd went 86-8 in his amateur career. When he turned professional in 1996, he entered the super featherweight class in October, and his record ended. He also competed in the weight classes of lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight, and light middle weight.

Since 2012, Mayweather has been one of the most popular “Pay Per View” athletic events, appearing on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes every year.

Mayweather Promotions, a boxing promotion firm, was formed by him in 2007. It seemed logical as the next step in his career, and ten years later, he’s built a hugely profitable firm that allows him to keep working when he hangs up his gloves.

Commercial Real Estate Investments

Floyd became a partner in the real estate development business SL Green in 2014 after making a significant investment. Floyd’s investment was disclosed in December 2014 by Marc Holliday, CEO of SL Green. Floyd has a minority investment in nine towers around the United States as of this writing. One Vanderbilt, the highest commercial building in the United States, is one of these skyscrapers.

Personal Life


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Starting when he was 16 and at a club, the weatherman had a long dating history. They had a kid together, Anna, but he moved out when they didn’t get engaged. He had a five-year relationship with another female before dating Elena, which ended in 2005. She reprimanded him for accusing her of the things he had claimed.

The women were discovered dead in their car, according to reports. Koraun, Zon, and Rah were his three children’s names.

Floyd Mayweather Body Measurements

He is around 1.70m (5’7′′) tall. He weighs around 74 kg. Her eyes are dark brown, and she has black hair. The measures are 40 inches chest, 32 inches waist, and 15 inches biceps. He exercises every morning at the gym. In terms of sexuality, he’s a straight man.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is expected to have a net worth of roughly $450 million in 2022. His net worth continues to soar despite the fact that he has been a professional boxer for 21 years. Conor McGregor’s previous bout allegedly grossed $400 million.

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