Elaine Culotti Net Worth: How Rich is Elaine Culotti in 2022?

Elaine Culotti is a real estate magnate and an interior designer from the United States. Her role on the program ‘Undercover Billionaire’ has gotten her a lot of attention lately. Elaine Culotti has a net worth of $200 million as of 2022.

Full name                                           Elaine Culotti
Date of Birth July 20, 1964
Age 57 years old
Born Place Provo, Utah, United States
Profession Real Estate agent, Interior Designer
Net Worth $200 million

Early Life

On July 20, 1964, Elaine was born in England to an Irish-American father and an English-born mother. Her mother had a difficult childhood as an orphan who was abandoned on the street when she was 18 years old. With just $100 in her pocket, she managed to live and advance in her work.

Her father, on the other hand, was a military man. As a result, Elaine and her father were forced to travel all over the globe. She visited Germany, England, and Italy, among other countries in Europe.

From a young age, Elaine exhibited an aptitude for business. She started importing fabrics and antiques when she was fourteen years old. When she was a teenager, she really managed a modest shoe company. At the age of 23, she sold her company to some individual. The buyer, however, was unable to manage the firm and was forced to return it. She sold it again to a new guy after a few years, this time for a large profit.

Elaine Culotti Net Worth and Careeer

When Elaine was a teenager, she began working in the business world. She established design studios, a retail shop, and a production plant. Elaine then decided to pursue a career in the male-dominated real estate market. She created a name for herself in the building sector as one of the top players in the US.

Elaine started her own business, Porta Bella Designs, with the goal of adding a production plant. She’s worked on everything from luxury residences to casinos and hospitals throughout the years. Elaine created the ‘House of Rock’ in Santa Monica, a 1926 Tudor-style home, which was one of her most significant accomplishments.

She is currently a contestant on the reality program “Undercover Billionaire,” in which she will be handed $100 cash, a mobile phone, and a vehicle. She needs to start a company from the ground up in only 90 days.

Elaine Culotti Personal Life


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Gary Culotti is Elaine’s husband. We can’t say if they’re still together or not at the present. Gary assisted her in various real estate transactions and collaborated with her on design. He used to be in charge of the company’s production department.

Elaine is the mother of two children, Leonardo and Jessica Culotti, whom she shares with Gary.

Elaine Culotti Net Worth

Elaine Culotti has a net worth of around $200 million as of 2022. Despite appearing on the TV program “Undercover Millionaire,” she has yet to become a billionaire. Her real estate business enabled her to amass a large sum of money.

Elaine has a large organic farm in Fallbrook where she grows everything from palm trees to veggies and fruits, in addition to her company.

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