Carley Shimkus Net Worth: How Rich is the Fox News Anchor Actually?

Carley Shimkus is a Fox Nation co-host and an American news anchor. She also appears on popular shows like Fox & Friends and Fox & Friends First, both of which have a large audience. Carley Shimkus net worth is expected to be $500 million in 2022.

Full Name Carley Noelle Shimkus
Birth Date November 7, 1986
Birth Place Long Valley, New Jersey
Profession News Anchor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $500,000

Early Life

Through her mother Zulma and father Edward, Carley grew up in the town of Long Valley, New Jersey. Her mother was a flight attendant who met her father on an aircraft. West Morris Central High School was Carley’s alma mater. Her mother is from Puerto Rico, while her father is from Lithuania, according to a Twitter post she made.

Carley is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, and as a result of her height, she tried modeling while still in high school. Despite the fact that she completed certain assignments, she eventually realized that this was not the best professional route for her. She has also spoken about having a hippy period in high school.

Carley Shimkus Net Worth and Career

Carley began her career with Fox News as an intern while still in her final year of high school. After they appreciated her talents and saw future changes in her, she became a news producer for the same company. She began working on the program Imus in the Morning on Fox Business Network in 2012, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Carley would go on to become the headlines reporter for another of their programs, Fox & Friends, and she would continue to provide value to these shows while also expanding her horizons of work. She also played the same character in a sitcom called Fox & Friends First, which was similar to this.

She was given this new position when Heather Childers departed the organization. Carley will continue to work for Fox & Friends First beginning in 2021, according to the latest news.

Personal Life


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During Carley’s 23rd birthday celebrations, she met a man called Peter Buchignani. They had merely been pals in the beginning. Later, they would express their mutual passion for one another and begin dating. Peter planned to propose to Carley after two years of dating.

Their wedding took place in 2015, and they’ve been blissfully married ever since. The duo enjoys seeing new locations and has been to Scotland and Greece in the past. Peter is employed with Chicago-based Amherst Pierpont Securities.

Carley’s work, on the other hand, is based in New York. They have a long-distance relationship while being married since both of them are completely committed to their profession. Despite this stumbling block, the pair have managed to keep their romance alive.

Margot is Carley’s sister. Margot presently works as a private art tutor, according to her. She is renowned for her bright nature and often updates her social media accounts with information about her life, including all of the events she has both at work and at home.

Carley Shimkus Net Worth

Carley Shimkus’ net worth is expected to be $500 million in 2022. Her annual pay at Fox News is likely to be between $60,000 and $80,000.

Carley Shimkus News

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