Candy Ken Net Worth: How Rich is Candy Ken in 2022?

Candy Ken is a well-known Austrian rap artist, model, and TikTok sensation. Ken is well known for fusing masculine and feminine pop culture in his look. His TikTok videos have also become fairly famous. Candy Ken’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $2 million as of the beginning of 2022.

Full Name                            Jacob Kasimir Hellrigl
Birth Date/ Age July 27, 1992/ 30 years old
Birth Place Austria
Profession Rapper, Model, TikTok artist
Girlfriend Baby J
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life

Candy, 30, is a woman in her 30s. Ken was born on July 27, 1992, in Austria as Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl. Bregenz, Austria, was where he spent his early years. He relocated to Berlin in 2012 to attend Lette-Verein College to study photography and film design. He was, however, unable to finish his research. Candy left college in 2014. He then attended Washington’s Wenatchee High School. For a year, he was a student there.

He met two female companions throughout his time at Wenatchee, and they became his closest pals. Ken said that the two women were the ones who motivated him to pursue a career in music. Ken then went on to create a new gender-bending character based on Japanese Kawaii culture and Barbie dolls. He began to dress in pink as a distinct fashion statement.

Candy Ken Net Worth and Career

He launched the Welcome to Candy Land video series on YouTube in 2014. Let’s Go Radio developed his self-directed project. The video was eventually turned into a short film called Welcome to Candy Land. In 2015, he was recognized for it at the Austrian short film festival. He released Candy Ken Paradise, his second EP, and Daddy 69, his third EP, in the same year.

Ken published his solo career album, “Real Talk,” in June 2016, after taking a few strides forward in his music career. Riff Raff, a rapper, was his inspiration for the record.

Aside from working in front of the camera, Ken has also worked as a model. Nicola Formichetti, a creative designer, first saw him on Instagram in 2015. He had a stronghold on her admiration. Terry Richardson decided to take him on as a model for the magazine “Man about Town” after Formichetti presented him to him. For the shoot, he even stripped down to his underwear. Following that, he posed for VMAN, Paper, Vogue, and Dazed, among others.

TikTok has also made Candy famous. On TikTok, he has a whopping 10.5 million fans. More than 350 million people have loved his videos so far.

Candy Ken Girlfriend- Baby J

Many individuals are skeptical about his genuine sexual orientation. Ken isn’t homosexual; in fact, he’s a typical heterosexual man. Ken is said to be seeing a woman called Baby J, according to a few stories. His purported girlfriend is a TikTok sensation as well. On her social media pages, she is often seen posting images with Candy. Both seem to be having a wonderful time with one another.

Candy Ken Net Worth

Candy Ken’s net worth is expected to be approximately $2 million in 2022. He is a well-known rapper and TikTok celebrity. On TikTok, he also makes a lot of money through ads and sponsorships. He earns between $1,309 and $2,182 each post from a sponsorship, according to our calculations.

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