Brendan Fraser Net Worth, Bio, Kids, and Weight Gain

Fraser is a great popular American-Canadian actor best known for his role in the Mummy trilogy in the 1990s. Brendan Fraser’s net worth in 2022 is expected to be $20 million.

Full Name Brendan James Fraser 
Birth Date  December 3, 1968 
Birth Place Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Source of Wealth Acting
Relationship Status Single
Height 6 ft. 2 in. / 189 cm.
Net Worth $20 Million

Early Life

Brendan James Fraser was born in December 1968 to Peter and Carol Mary (née Genereux) in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father was a former journalist and Canadian diplomatic service officer, while his mother worked as a sales counselor.

Kevin, Regan, and Sean are Fraser’s older brothers. They all have Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French-Canadian ancestors. Brendan’s family also relocated frequently throughout his youth. They were residents of California, Washington, Ontario, the Netherlands, and even Switzerland.

Fraser received his schooling at Upper Canada College before going on to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he graduated in 1990. He intended to go to Southern Methodist University for his Master degree but instead chose Hollywood. George Genereux, a gold medallist in the Olympic Trap, is his maternal uncle.

Brendan Fraser Net Worth and Career

In 1991, Fraser made his feature debut in Dogfight. The next year, he starred in Encino Man and School Ties. Who can forget his part in the movie Airheads? George of the Jungle, released in 1997, was his first significant movie office smash. The Mummy and its sequel The Mummy Returns were, without a doubt, his most commercially successful films.

Fraser made $4 million in 1999 from both The Mummy and Duddley Do-Right, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His pay for Bedazzled the next year was also $10 million. Fraser has worked on films such as The Last Time, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Furry Vengeance, Stand Off, and Breakout as a producer.

In addition, the actor has acted in programs such as King of the Hill, Scrubs, Texas Rising, The Affair, Trust, Condor, and Doom Patrol. Finally, since pre-2010, Fraser hasn’t had a prominent part in a film. Hollywood, according to some, puts him on a blacklist.

Brendan Fraser Weight Gain

Fraser did not put on all of his weight by chance. According to The Sun, he did so in advance of his upcoming film The Whale, in which he plays a morbidly obese hermit. Christian Bale devotion is evident in the actor’s weight gain of almost 300 pounds in preparation for the part.

Personal Life

Fraser has three children with his ex-wife in total. Griffin (born in 2002), Holden (born in 2004), and Leland (born in 2005) are the names of his three children (born in 2006).

Fraser was ordered to pay $50,000 in alimony every month for the next ten years following his divorce. He also owed $25,000 in child support each month. Brendan, it turns out, is a talented amateur photographer and archer. In appearances on Scrubs and Texas Rising, his talents were highlighted.

Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Since the 1990s, Brendan Fraser has acquired a net worth of $20 million. He earned millions of dollars for his parts in blockbusters such as The Mummy trilogy and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Despite being recently blacklisted, he has appeared in a slew of diverse works.

Brendan Fraser FAQ

Why did Brendan Fraser get blacklisted?

Fraser was banned from Hollywood, according to his own admission, after accusing a previous head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association of sexually assaulting him. Philip Berk of the HFPA assaulted him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2003, he told GQ.

Who is Brendan Fraser married to?

After meeting her at a BBQ at Winona Ryder’s home in 1993, the actor married Afton Smith in 1998. The couple split in 2007, though.

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