Big Meech Net Worth: How Rich is Big Meech Actually in 2022?

Big Meech, a.k.a. Demetrius Flenory, is a convicted drug dealer from the United States. He is well known for being a co-founder of the Black Mafia Family, one of the country’s top cocaine trafficking gangs. Big Meech has a net worth of about $100 million as of 2022.

Big Meech was caught in 2005 and pleaded guilty to narcotics trafficking and money laundering. He was sentenced to 30 years in jail. On Monday (June 14), US District Judge David M. Lawson reduced Meech’s sentence to three years, and he will be freed in 2028.

Full Name Demetrius Flenory
Birth Date June 21, 1968
Birth Place Michigan
Profession Drug dealer, criminal
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $100 million

Early life

Big Meech was born in the United States of America on June 21, 1968. He was raised in a devout environment in which his family’s financial situation was precarious. Terry Lee’s “Southwest T” Flenory is his brother’s name.

Demetrius began selling cocaine on the streets with the help of his brother. They were selling narcotics for tens of thousands of dollars. Two brothers also dropped out of high school in order to expand their company and were engaged in large-scale cocaine trafficking.

Big Meech Net Worth & Career

The Black Mafia Family was created by Demetrius and his brother Terry in 1989 as a drug trafficking and money laundering operation. In the year 2000, they began selling cocaine all throughout the United States. The Black Mafia Family has two primary bases of operations: one in Atlanta and the other in Los Angeles.

Demetrius founded BMF Entertainment in the early 2000s to pursue his passion for hip hop. It sets up as a front organization to launder money from cocaine sales while also legitimizing its drug trafficking company. BMF Entertainment has promoted well-known hip-hop artists such as Young Jeezy and Fabolous.

Demetrius and the Black Mafia Family quickly became known in hip-hop pop culture for their lavish lives. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) pursued the two Flenory brothers under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute in 2005.

They sentence to 30 years in jail after they find guilty. The investigation by the government was to continue, with the goal of apprehending over 1000 members of the drug trafficking network.

Big Meech Personal Life

Big Meech is a husband and father, according to reports. According to reports, when Demetrius arrests, his wife filed a plea for a lesser sentence. We don’t know much about his marital life, however. He was also seeing Sabrina Peterson, who provided an interview about their relationship.

Big Meech jail for 10 years during the COVID-19 outbreak when his relatives attempted to prosecute him last year. Despite this, Meech was denied compassionate release by US District Judge David Lawson during the epidemic. The United States District Judge agreed to lower his sentence from 360 to 324 months on June 14, 2021. He releases from Sheridan FCI in 2028, rather than November 25, 2031, as a result of this decision.

Big Meech Net Worth

From his drug trafficking and money laundering businesses, Big Meech has amassed a net worth of $100 million. He caughts with a Ford F150 truck, a 2005 Dodge Magnum, a 2004 Bentley Continental GT, and jewels that cost about $700 thousand when detains.

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