Ashanti Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer Actually in 2022?

Douglas, Ashanti Shequoiya, is a singer and songwriter from the United States. She is the first female performer to ever occupy the top two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 list. With songs like Foolish and What’s Lux? Ashanti was able to accomplish this. Ashanti’s net worth is expected to exceed $8 million by 2022.

Full Name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas 
Birth Date October 13, 1980 
Birth Place Glen Cove, New York
Profession Singer and Songwriter
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $8 million

Early Life

Ashanti’s mother first recognized that she could sing well for someone her age when she was approximately 12 years old. This is when her mother began to work hard to provide Ashanti with more opportunities to realize her full potential.

When she was still in high school, she began creating songs as a result of this. She was also engaged in local talent events, appearing in a few music videos and tiny parts in a few films as a youngster.

Ashanti Net Worth and Career

Ashanti knew she wanted to be a singer, but she was having trouble getting started since she hadn’t been able to get a record contract. However, until Murder Inc agreed to collaborate with her, Ashanti continued to write and perform songs.

This was a major turning point in her career, as it led to her being included in the works of a number of musicians, like Cadillac Tah, for songs like “Just Like A Thug.” What’s Luv? was her first film in 2002. As well as Always on Time, which was a collaboration between two artists.

Both tracks, however, went on to become the most successful songs of 2002, propelling Ashanti to stardom on the big screen. As a result, she became the first female musician to participate in two consecutive top Billboard Hot 100 tracks.

Ashanti began working on her debut song, Foolish, with the help of her fans. The song was a tremendous smash, and she and The Beatles tied for the record of having three singles in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 lists.

The next year, in 2002, she released her first album, Ashanti. The album was triple platinum-certified and reached number one on the Billboard 200 charts in the United States. This was significant for her since the record went on to sell over six million copies.

By this time, Ashanti had amassed a fortune as well as widespread acclaim. For the album, Ashanti received two American Music Awards and a Grammy. She was just getting started, however, and more triumph was on its way.

Ashanti’s seventh studio album was released in 2017. Songs like Say Less and Tha Carter V, on which she collaborated with musicians like Ty Dolla Sign and Lil Wayne, are just a few of her recent collaborations.

Personal Life

Ashanti was dating rapper Nelly at the time, and the two even attended the 2003 Grammy Awards together. Their 11-year romance had its ups and downs, all of which were publicized. They split up in 2014, though.

Ashanti Net Worth

Ashanti’s net worth is predicted to be $8 million as of 2022. Ashanti has amassed such a large net worth over the years because of her ability to sell millions of copies of her albums while still producing amazing songs.

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