Anwar Zayden Net Worth: How Rich was Anwar Zayden Actually?

The most famous Playboy in Miami was Anwar Zayden. He was a bull rider, an actor, and a business owner. Anwar is most recognized for his appearances in the TV program “Miami Vice,” in which he has recurrent parts. He is well known for his spectacular entrance at Thomas Kramer’s party, where he was a real estate billionaire. Anwar Zayden had a net worth of about $20 million at the time of his death.

Full Name                         Anwar Zayden
Birth Date October 8, 1961
Birth Place South Beach, Florida, U. S.
Profession Actor, Entrepreneur
Wife Not Available
Net Worth $20 million

Early life

Anwar Zayden was born in South Beach, Florida, on the 8th of October 1961. His parents were Lebanese and lived in Cuba when he was born. Alfredo, his father, was an importer and exporter. Graciella, his mother, was a building magnate’s daughter. He had four brothers and a sister when he was a young adult.

Activists burnt down his father’s shop in 1958. They then relocated to America. Because Anwar’s father began working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), his family was forced to relocate. His family was experiencing financial difficulties at the time.

Anwar Zayden Net Worth and Career

Anwar grew up in Madrid and Barcelona for most of his adolescent years. At the age of eighteen, he relocated from Spain to Miami. He used to compete as a bull rider and won money. He also learned about the frame business during this period. Anwar eventually established his own company, which he named “Art Express.”

Anwar was cast in the recurrent role of drug dealer for the television series “Miami Vice” because of his fascinating charisma. In the seventh episode of Miami Vice’s third season, “El Viejo,” he made an appearance.

Anwar has had a great time throughout his life. He was even dubbed “Miami’s Most Legendary Playboy” because he was so well-liked by women. He’s also made a spectacular arrival at a number of extravagant occasions. The most eye-catching appearance was a real estate magnate Thomas Kramer’s Arabian Nights-themed party when he appeared on a horse.

Anwar Zayden drew his last breath on May 19, 2020. Though the exact cause of his death is unknown, a few reports claim he injured his leg and died as a result of a deadly blood clot.

Anwar Zayden’s Dating History

Anwar Zayden has a long list of girlfriends. Yolanda Hadid, a TV star, with whom he had a seven-year romance. Hadid was his first love, he said in one of his interviews.

Due to his childish behavior, Anwar has also gotten himself into problems. Anwar was accused of rape by a model named Nancy Johnsen in 1997. He was later apprehended by Miami cops. He, on the other hand, categorically disputed the charge, stating that the intercourse was performed with mutual consent. Anwar was eventually charged with rape and abduction and served 12 days in prison as a result.

Anwar Zayden Net Worth

While he was still alive, Anwar Zayden had amassed a massive fortune of $20 million. He had amassed a sizable fortune via his performing and business endeavors. He had a limitless bank account, according to the majority of sources.

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