Liza Anokhina Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Height & Boyfriend

Liza Anokhina is a popular TikTok star in Russia. Her TikTok videos of her humorous dancing and lip-sync routines have made her famous. Liza’s brilliant blue hair is also a draw. Liza Anokhina’s exact net worth is unknown at this time.

Full Name                                       Liza Anokhina
Birth Date/ Age April 30, 2007/ Age: 15 years old
Birth Place Russia
Profession TikTok star
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth N/A

Early Life

On April 30, 2007, Liza Anokhina was born in Russia. Her older brother was once seen on YouTube with her. Liza’s personality is upbeat. She enjoys making videos on social media as a way to express herself.

Liza Anokhina Net Worth and Career

On May 29, 2017, she first started a YouTube channel. Her first video was really a blog in which she showed off her lifestyle, friends, and favorite location. On YouTube, it has 210K videos.

She proceeded to produce films after that, showcasing a few individuals who were asked some intriguing things. She does a lot of challenge and humor videos. Since 2017, the number of subscribers on her YouTube channel has exploded. Her current subscriber count is 1.18 million. For a 13-year-old girl, that’s a significant amount.

On June 28, 2020, Liza published her last YouTube video. Carnival is mentioned in the title of the video. When she went on a Carnival Tour, she shared some hilarious encounters with the crowd. Her vids are quite captivating. When they began to watch it, she riveted them to the screen. Liza has also cooperated and filmed videos with Russian artist Maryana Ro.

She got well-known on TikTok as well as YouTube. On TikTok, she has a whopping 14.6 million followers. Liza’s TikTok videos mostly consist of dance and lip-sync routines. Her humor videos even make others chuckle.

On TikTok, Liza often posts videos of herself eating various dishes. Her TikTok food video recently became popular. Liza is not afraid to try a wide range of cuisines. Pancakes have been included in her most recent videos. She seems to be a pancake connoisseur.

Liza filmed herself eating the popular Ukrainian Russian cuisine Borscht in December 2020. With over 27 million views, the video became a viral hit.

Liza gained notoriety after collaborating with Benji, another TikTok celebrity. On TikTok, they both seem to be incredibly humorous and fascinating. Liza and Benji created a lip-sync video to ElyOtto’s song Sugercrash only a few days ago. In the video, both of them are quite amusing. Liza Anokhina is a Russian actress who has appeared in many films.

Anokhina Height, Weight & Measurement

Liza measures 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and weighs around 50 kg (110 pounds) at the age of 15. At this time, we don’t have her physical measurements. Her hair and eyes are both light brown, as is her skin.

Who is Liza Anokhina Boyfriend?

Liza Anokhina is a 15-year-old girl from Russia. As a result, she may be single at this time. Her connection with fellow TikTok star Benji, though, has been the subject of conjecture. People have questioned them as a pair since they are often spotted filming humorous videos on TikTok. Liza, on the other hand, claims that she and Benji are best friends. As a result, we thought the young lady was still unmarried.

Liza Anokhina Net Worth

At such a young age, Liza has amassed a large following. If she becomes as famous as she is on TikTok, she will undoubtedly get a greater celebrity. Liza’s endorsement and sponsorship on TikTok must have netted her a sizable sum. Her actual net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be determined.

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