Angus T Jones Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2022?

Angus Turner Jones is an American actor who rose to fame as Jake Harper in the famous comedy Two and a Half Men. Angus T Jones has a net worth of $20 million as of 2022.

He earned many honors, including several Young Artist Awards, for his role in the comedy Two and a Half Men, which became one of the most popular comedies of the period. He was even one of the highest-paid kid performers at the time, but Angus’ Christian beliefs caused him to feel he couldn’t continue to be a part of the program.

Full Name Angus Turner Jones 
Birth Date October 8, 1993
Birth Place Austin, Texas
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $20 million

Early Life

Along with his younger brother, Angus grew raised in Texas. He made his movie debut in the film Simpatico when he was only five years old. As a result, he was cast in tiny parts in films such as The Rookie, Dinner with Friends, and The Christmas Blessing.

Angus T Jones Net Worth and Career

Angus didn’t realize it at the time, but after being cast as Jake Harper in the comedy Two and a Half Men, his life would be permanently altered. Charlie Harper, portrayed by Charlie Sheen, is Jake’s hard-drinking uncle, while his father Alan is a divorced man who tries but fails to find his way back in life.

Because Charlie Sheen was already a well-known actor, the program increased in popularity quickly. With its comedic writing, the sitcom was able to draw in a 15 million-strong audience.

Because Angus was one of the show’s three main characters, his popularity soared, as did his income, and at the age of 17, he was the highest-paid child actor. As Angus’ persona grew older, he was forced to perform roles such as a marijuana user and a womanizer.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with his grownup duties. Angus became a transformed person after being baptized in 2012. One of his online videos went viral, in which he described the program as filthy and advised viewers not to watch it because he thought that the impacts of television were something that people should examine. As a consequence, Angus left the program, although he did return for a cameo appearance in the finale.

Personal Life

Since his departure from the program, Angus has made it an effort to keep out of the limelight and lead a regular life. Following his departure from the program, Angus enrolled at the University of Colorado, where he completed his studies and said that he was once again living a regular life.

Angus is a devout Christian who has said that he would not be able to perform in a program like Two and a Half Men if he knew it would be ethically wrong for him to do so.

Angus T Jones Net Worth

Angus T. Jones’s net worth is to be $20 million as of 2022. Angus was believed to be paid $350,000 each episode at the height of the show’s success. He made him one of the highest-paid child performers in television history. He featured in a total of 213 episodes with the Two and a Half Men, which accounts for the bulk of his personal worth.

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